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Revisiting the Dewalt One Touch Tool Box

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The Dewalt One Touch tool box is still around!

I tested one of these 24-inch tool boxes quite a long time ago, and it was as perfect as could be.

It features a built-in seal for water and dust protection, soft handle grip, V-groove on the lid for cutting pipes and similar materials, and removable tote.

The highlight of this Dewalt DWST24082 tool box is its One Touch opening latch. As the name suggests, you can open the tool box with just one touch. The latch has a spring-action and snaps closed when the lid is lowered.

With all of the hype surrounding modular tool storage systems today, I almost forgot that this tool box existed. I did look for it a few years back, and didn’t see it at the time, so maybe there was a gap in availability.

Dewalt says that this tool box can hold up to 55 pounds of tools.

It measures 24″ long x 11.4″ wide x 11.4″ deep (externally).

I’ve been using modular tool boxes for standalone purposes over the past few years. If I needed something a little more portable (this had a traditional narrow profile that was comfortable to carry) or less expensive, this would be it.

The Dewalt One Touch tool box was a fantastic example of how a couple of minor-seeming features can hugely affect the user experience.

Judging from the online user reviews, it doesn’t look like the construction or build quality has change at all over the years.

I gave my test sample away a long time ago, but can be easily convinced to buy a new one. I’d buy a new one without hesitation.

Price: $32-35

A reader recently asked about non-modular tool boxes I could recommend, and I drew a blank. I’d like to change my answer; this Dewalt should be at the top of anyone’s list.