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New Channellock Tool Bags are 100% Made in the USA

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Channellock recently launched a line of new soft-sided tool storage products that they say are “handcrafted, designed, manufactured, assembled, and packaged 100% in USA.”

Channellock adds that their Berry-Compliant tool storage products are made to military specifications, “observing rigorous performance, material, and sewing standards that serve our country’s finest.”

Channellock Tool Bags and Backpacks 2023 Lineup

The line consists of basic and premium tote-style tool bags, single and dual-zip pouches, a two pouch tool roll system, and two sizes tool backpacks.

Channellock Made in USA Tool Pouches with Holder

I find the two pouch rollup to be most intriguing. It comes with two individual single-zippered pouches, plus a roll to keep them tidy and easily portable.

Atlas46 Tool Pouch Rollup
Atlas46 Merrick Tool Roll

Atlas46 is the USA manufacturer, which makes similar products under their own label.

Channellock Made in USA Tool Bag

Channellock also has two styles of wide mouth tool bags.

Channellock Made in USA Tool Backpack

The backpacks are both compatible with Atlas46 AIMS system of tool and accessory pouches, allowing for a modular setup.

Channellock soft storage products are constructed from Cordura fabric that is lightweight but extremely durable.

I’ve been testing a Channellock tote bag, which was supplied with the brand along with a couple of newer hand tools, and it’s different than what I’m used to. I feel that it’s very well-made.

I have my eye set on the pouches, which seems like an interesting way to organize and transport task-dedicated tools and accessories.

Atlas46 has many other styles of pouches and tool rolls, a couple of which I’ve considered buying before.

Keeping in mind that Channellock’s new soft storage products are 100% made in the USA, it’s time to look at their pricing.

  • Channellock Tool Pouch ZPS1G – $37.95
  • Channellock 2-Pouch Tool Roll MTR2G – $139.95
  • Channellock Dual Zipper Pouch ZPS2G – $49.95
  • Channellock Basic 6-Pocket Tool Tote Bag TGM1G – $129.95
  • Channellock Premium 10-Pocket Tool Tote Bag TGM3G – $194.95*
  • Channellock Single Compartment Tool Backpack TBP1G – $199.95*
  • Channellock Dual Compartment Tool Backpack TBP2G – $249.95

*Lower price as of the time of this posting.

The new Channellock tools storage products are lightweight, and if my tote bag test sample is any indication, very durable.

In my opinion, these are not “well, I just need a general purpose tool bag” types of products, they’re more for users who have specific needs and preferences. I see them as “solutions” types of products.

Ignoring the expected sticker shock for a moment, what do you think about Channellock’s new tool bags and pouches?