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Let’s Dissect this Gearwrench 131pc Tool Set Deal

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Amazon has this Gearwrench 131pc mechanics tool set for just $86, which seems like it could be a fantastic bargain, especially considering that Home Depot is charging $219 for the same set.

This looks to be a new SKU, Gearwrench 89089, which means there’s no information about it online, at least not outside Amazon’s “Vine Voice” free product user reviewers.

That last part is a sign that this could be intended as a holiday promotion, or at least it follows a pattern.

Gearwrench 89089 131pc Mechanics Tool Set Contents

This set comes with 131 pieces for $86.99.

Gearwrench doesn’t provide any info about this set on their website, and Amazon’s description is rather spartan. So, here’s what we can tell based on the product images:

3 ratchets, all 84T – 1/4″, 3/8″, 1/2″

3 extensions

3 universal joint-style extensions/adapters

55 sockets, all looking to be 6pt

14 nutdriver bits

1 screwdriver bit adapter handle

22 hex keys

30 screwdriver bits with plastic case

That adds up to 131 pieces.

So is this a good deal? Value-wise? Yes, I think so.

From the image, it looks like the 55 sockets are broken down as follows:

1/4″ – 20 sizes
3/8″ – 19 sizes
1/2″ – 16 sizes

That should include both inch and metric sizes.

If the socket sizes are staggered, might this be enough? Possibly, and it does look like they might be. This would mean minimal duplication, which gives you a broad range of socket sizes with just a little overlap.

Personally, I like a lot of overlap, because sometimes I need to size up or down depending on how much space I have to swing a ratchet. Or, I might size down to 1/4″ drive to turn a fastener with a spinner handle, or size up to use a long 1/2″ breaker bar.

I think that $86 puts this set in “hot deal” territory, and I’d certainly buy this set over the “limited edition” 115pc set Gearwrench has been selling for $99.

You get fewer sockets (55 instead of 77), but better ratchets – at the least.

On the same page on Amazon, there are options for a 47 piece set, which is priced at $99.57, and a 53 piece set, which is priced at $109.72.

While those other Gearwrench sets have different tool and accessory selections, the essence of the tools all look to be the same. All of these sets look to include tools from Gearwrench’s regular lineup.

This Gearwrench 131pc mechanics tool set looks to be an excellent buy for $86, assuming they deliver Gearwrench’s typical quality (which is generally quite good for the money).

Gearwrench 89089 131pc Mechanics Tool Set Edited Selection

Ignore the hex keys, nut driver bits, and screwdriver bits, which I typically consider “filler” pieces. While useful, I find it more important to look at the number of drive tools, accessories, and sockets (55).

“Fillers” can still be useful. If I’m not paying much extra, I’ll find a use for extra hex keys and screwdriver bits, especially when the bit set is organized neatly in a grabbable case.

I’d say this looks to be a great deal for 3 Gearwrench full-polish 84T ratchets, 6 drive accessories (extensions and universal joint adapters), and 55 standard/shallow depth 6pt sockets.

Price: $85.99 as of the time of this posting

Should you buy it?

I’ll leave that part up to you. As a reminder, we’re going to start seeing holiday deals in a couple of weeks.

The difficult part is that I can’t tell you whether $86 sounds right as a promo price for this set or not. Speaking frankly, I think that $86 seems too low, especially with Home Depot selling the same set at $219 right now.

Curiously, Home Depot only has 6 in stock and available for delivery. If this was to be a promotionally-priced set, I’d expect to see greater inventory levels.

Gearwrench 3pc 84T Ratchet Set

At the risk of creating more questions, I feel it necessary to point out that Amazon has a Gearwrench 3-piece 84-tooth ratchet set priced at $96.55 right now.

So, with the 131pc tool set, you get sockets, extensions, and accessories for less than just what looks to be the same exact ratchets.

Amazon’s going to have another Prime Day in October. Maybe some brands are trying to get a head start on the deal pricing?

The most difficult part about deals like this is that it’s a new SKU without any pricing history or organic user or customer feedback.

Given what I can see, and my experiences with Gearwrench tools, I think this is a HOT DEAL, but I can’t help but feel reluctant to describe it as such.