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Are You Still Buying Corded Power Tools?

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As the title asks, are you still buying corded power tools?

What kinds? Which brands?

Or have you fully converted over to all cordless power tools?

Cordless power tools have come a very long way over the years, to the point where corded tool development seems to have all but stopped.

There are still good reasons to buy AC-powered tools. Corded dust extractors, for example, eliminate concerns about runtime.

Cordless air compressors are compact and portable, but there are no options yet for larger models with higher capacity air tanks that can support multiple simultaneous users.

Similarly, there are cordless table saws, but not many larger-sized models with 10″ blades.

Going with a corded tool means one doesn’t have to worry about managing batteries – especially outside of any cordless systems they have already invested in.

But oh boy are power cords annoying.

Brands talk about how many of their cordless power tools deliver corded-like power or performance. Most of the time now, cordless tools don’t skip any beats, and in some cases best AC tool performance.

Corded tools can be far less expensive. Metabo HPT has a popular angle grinder that’s $39 at Amazon right now, and a 10″ miter saw that’s $119 at Amazon. Cordless versions of these types of tools cost considerably more since you also have to buy the power source and a charger.

Cordless tools have advantages aside from the freedom of working without a cord to trip you up. You’d be hard-pressed to find a corded drill or hammer drill with an adjustable torque clutch, a feature that is built into nearly every cordless model these days.

Cordless has become king, but there are still reasons to buy and use corded tools.

I’m interested in hearing about the corded tools you guys might still be using, and the types you might still buy today.

The last time we talked about this was a good 8 years ago – When is the Last Time You Bought a Corded Power Tool? Cordless? (2015).

I still use certain corded power tools, but I can’t recall the last time I bought a new one, or was even interested in buying a new one.