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Amazon’s Purported Labor Day 2023 Deals on Ryobi Power Tools

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My news feed has been full of articles hyping up Amazon’s Labor Day deals on Ryobi cordless power tools.

Ryobi tools are usually exclusive to Home Depot, but after seeing the third mass media news post on the matter, I decided to satisfy my curiosity and take a look.

What I found is that there are some notable discounts, but they’re all from 3rd party sellers as I had expected to find.

I always presume that Amazon’s Ryobi cordless power tool deals are offered by 3rd party sellers who are simply parting out bundle deals that they purchased at Home Depot. But, some of the prices I’m seeing are far lower than the same tools have been selling for at Home Depot.

A bunch of Ryobi tools are advertised as “bulk packaged” which I guess means white-box or no-box packaging? Maybe some of these sellers are liquidators?

Personally, I’d stick to Home Depot for Ryobi tools. But if you’re out for a deal no matter what, here’s what I found.

Ryobi 18V 4Ah Battery 2-Pack w/ Charger$79 at Amazon, $79 at Home Depot

Ryobi 18V Cordless Sprayer Kit$37 at Amazon, $148 at Home Depot

Ryobi 18V 4Ah Battery$40.99 at Amazon, $99 at Home Depot

Ryobi 18V Cordless Reciprocating Saw$49.75 at Amazon, $79 at Home Depot

Ryobi 18V 22″ Hedge Trimmer$99 at Amazon, $119 at Home Depot

Amazon added a new feature to their search results recently, where you can see how many people have purchased an item. Apparently thousands of people have been buying the Ryobi tools listed there.

More than $1k people bought the Ryobi 18V cordless inflator from Amazon in the past month. Amazon sellers have it listed at $43.98, but it looks like Home Depot has the same product for $36.98. Do people not know that Ryobi tools are exclusive to Home Depot?

Home Depot has new Labor Day 2023 deals – I’d check those before buying any Ryobi tools from Amazon. Or, shop for Ryobi Tool Deals on Amazon if you insist.