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National Knife Day Deals and Freebies (2023)

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It’s National Knife Day week, which means deals on folding pocket knives and other EDC gear.

Blade HQ has some deals freebies. You get a free sticker with every purchase, a free Velcro keychain patch holder with orders over $75, and a free Gerber Dime multi-tool with orders over $125.

There are some decent deals worth looking at, such as the Gerber USA-made fixed-blade Prodigy knife for $34.99.

The Dime mini keychain-sized multi-tool regularly retails for ~$25 at Amazon. If you had a new pocket knife, multi-tool, or other $125+ gear purchase planned, hurry up and snag one for free before BladeHQ runs out.

I wasn’t going to pick up anything new this month, but the free Gerber offer is pushing me to do some shopping. A reader recently asked for 3-inch knife recommendations (which is the sweet spot for EDC in my opinion), which I’m treating as an opportunity to try something new.

What are you buying? Is there anything you’d like me to buy for testing or review?