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Festool has a New HEPA Shop Vacuum, CT 25

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Festool has a new mobile dust extractor, CT 25, that looks to be configured as a wet/dry shop vacuum.

The Festool CT 25 is designed for cleaning work, and costs quite a bit less than their other mobile dust extractor vacuums.

Festool’s CT 26 , for example, sells for $799, whereas the new CT 25 will sell for $485.

Festool says that the new CT 25 is ideal for “cleaning offices, workshops, garages, motor vehicles and job sites.”

Festool CT 25 HEPA Vacuum

It has a flat-top design, which Festool says can be “used as a seat or a shelf for working materials.” At the middle is a carry handle.

Inside the top lid, there’s storage space for the included crevice and upholstery nozzles.

Festool CT 25 HEPA Vacuum Front Panel User Controls

The user controls are simple, with “an intuitive touch control panel in place of rotary knobs.”

There are 5 suction power settings, and an on/off button.

Festool CT 25 HEPA Vacuum with Hose Storage

Bungee straps provide for on-board storage of the vacuum hose.

Festool describes the vacuum as being “surprisingly compact,” with a robust chassis, low weight, and construction with portability in mind.

It has a container volume size of 6.6 gallons (25 liters), and weighs 26.5 lbs.

The filter bag capacity is 5.94 gallons (22.5 liters).

Festool CT 25 HEPA Vacuum with Accessories

The vacuum ships with 2 nozzles, a 3.5 meter (11.5 feet) vacuum hose, and filter bag.

The accessories shown in some of the other product images are optional add-ons.

Vacuum Performance Specs

  • 130 CFM max volume flow
  • 96″ static water lift
Festool CT 25 HEPA Vacuum with Handle Attachment

A telescoping handle attachment (available separately for $115) allows for easier mobility.

Additional filters are also available, such as one for wet pickup ($26 at the time of this posting). It (model 577533) comes standard with a HEPA filter.

Replacement bags (SELFCLEAN Filter Bag SC-FIS-CT 25/5) are available for $45 for a 5-pack.

Price: $485
ETA: September 2023

Festool Vacuum Nozzle and Extension Hose Set 577257

You’ll probably also want to factor in the cost of a floor nozzle and extension wand set. Festool has a kit for $115 – buy it at Amazon.


The CT 25 looks to be similar to the CT 15 that came out a few years ago. I’m not familiar with that model, and so I’ve been looking at the CT 25 with fresh eyes.

It lacks some of the features I like about my CT 26, but that makes sense as it’s tailored more towards cleanup tasks than on-tool dust collection.

While considerably less expensive than the CT 26, the CT 25 delivers close to the same airflow specs – 130 vs 138 CFM, and the same 96″ of static water lift.

The cable length is shorter (16.4′ vs 25′), and the hose is different (ribbed vs sheathed).

The CT 25 lacks some of the frills of the CT 26, such as an auxiliary device connection (for Bluetooth activation or other modules), and locking brake, but it costs substantially less.

I use my CT 26 primarily for dust collection, and on occasion for workshop cleaning tasks. I wonder if the CT 25 would serve well primarily for cleaning tasks and occasionally for on-tool dust collection.

It looks like the CT 25 is designed around a lower price point. There are some compromises, but also the benefit of having a smaller footprint.