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Seauto Shark Robotic Pool Vac Review

The Seauto Shark Robotic Pool Vac Climbs Walls with Tank Treads

Having reviewed several pool vacs, including the Aiper Seagull Pro, the Seauto Shark robotic pool vacuum marks the first we’ve used with tank treads. This app-enabled pool vac also features several different modes and a higher-density filter to truly clean sand and smaller debris from the bottom of your inground or above-ground pool.

Seauto Shark Robotic Pool Vacuum Performance

After our initial charge time of about 3 hours, the Seauto Shark robotic pool vacuum was ready for use. I downloaded the app and connected it to the vacuum. It found my Wifi network fairly quickly and let me set the mode of the vacuum (All surfaces, Floor, Walls, or Waterline).

Subsequent attempts to connect to the pool vacuum resulted in the app telling me it was disconnected. Re-connecting from scratch and starting over resulted in the same thing. Fortunately, you can also set the mode by pressing the power button and cycling through the audible voice prompts.

Upon activating it and configuring it for Floor-only operation, I allowed it to softly descend into our in-ground swimming pool. The Seauto Shark pool vac slowly submerged to the base, where it aligned itself with the pool by rotating 90 degrees at a time. Following this, it began systematically cleaning the pool bottom. The Seauto Shark primarily moves in linear paths, making efficient time for our 20,000 gallon pool.

The Seauto Shark robotic vacuum made quick work of running overtop the twin raised floor drain covers with its tank treads. You might think that a simple thing, but other pool cleaners, like the Aiper 1500, cannot handle those without getting stuck.

It Climbs Walls!

Set to floor-only mode, the Shark efficiently cleaned the entire bottom of the pool. It uses a systematic pattern in any of its modes. You can also have it clean everything, or even set it to waterline mode for cleaning the very top edge of your pool.

traverses raised pool drains

The dual “PVC rollers”tank” treads/tracks give the Seauto Shark the ability to climb and scramble over obstacles and even stairs. The vacuum also has plenty of suction—plenty for wall-climbing. The large front roller scrubs either the floor or walls of the pool and even when cleaning the waterline. Waterline cleaning is a bit disconcerting—the Seauto Shark vac makes a lot of fuss as it scrubs that waterline and gradually moves in one direction and then the other.

We do wish there was a wall and floors mode—we don’t want the waterline cleaned in our pool as our custom concrete surround offers too many obstructions.

waterline perimeter cleaning
The Seauto Shark climbs walls and moves systematically across the waterline to clean every bit of your pool. It doesn’t fare well, however, with protrusions.

The Seauto Shark robotic pool vacuum ran for more than three hours. After repeatedly checking on it, I finally gave up and let it do its thing until about 5 hours after I first dropped it into the pool to give the bottom a thorough cleaning. Once completed, it backs up against the wall and wait for pickup. I easily hauled it out of the pool using the included plastic hook.

Seauto gives this vacuum a rather large basket and does something unusual. They provide a sponge filter that collects much more fine material without sending it back into the pool. I dumped the collected debris into a raised garden bed and used a garden hose at low pressure to clean the screens on the basket.

Seauto Shark Robotic Pool Vac contents

Recharging took just 2-3 hours using the included charger. A gasketed DC input port makes it easy to connect the cable and start the process. It keeps water out of the DC power port.

Seauto Shark Pool Vacuum Design Notes

The Seauto Shark robotic pool vacuum gives you a single button to power it on and toggle through the modes. Lights and audio feedback lets you know which mode you’ve selected. You can either place the vacuum in All-cover, Floor-only, Wall-only, or Waterline-only cleaning modes. This lets you target the vac to ensure your pool gets the particular cleaning you want. I found it exceptionally helpful since I occasionally wanted to clean just the pool walls.

Seauto Shark Cleaning Modes:

  • All-cover
  • Floor-only
  • Wall-only
  • Waterline-only
LED light color mode feedback

The Mode dial also features colors associated with the state of the battery charge:

  • Flashing blue – Cleaner powering up
  • Flashing red – Low battery
  • Solid red – Charging
  • Solid green – Full charge
aggressive tank treads

Additional Features

  • Replaceable 10,400mAh battery
  • External 9-amp DC charger
  • Quick water draining for easy removal from the pool
  • Includes plastic retrieval hook

Seauto Shark Pool Vacuum Price

You can pick up the Seauto Shark robotic pool vacuum directly or via Amazon for around $799.99 (retail is around $999). Look for discounts as well. It includes a 2-year replacement warranty.

The Bottom Line

You can save a lot of time by employing a robotic pool vacuum. I value my time, so I tend to appreciate the time savings offered by these devices. The Seauto Shark can provide excellent filtration and debris capture along with ample runtime for all but the most ostentation pools.

So far, color us impressed with the performance of this vacuum. While the app has proved problematic—it isn’t needed for using the cleaner or changing modes. With that said, we’d love to find Seauto improves connectivity in future models. Aside from that, this product gets our full recommendation.

Seauto Shark Robot Pool Vacuum Specifications

  • Model: Seauto Shark
  • Method: Cordless, autonomous with Sonar
  • Max pool size: 2150 sq. ft.
  • 3 cleaning modes: Floor, Walls, Waterline, All
  • Waterproof Level: IP68
  • Certifications: CE / RoHS / UL / FCC
  • Brushless motor (216W power)
  • Suction: 90000pa
  • Input: 100–250 VAC, 50/60 Hz
  • Charging time: 2-2.5 hours
  • Run time (per charge): 3-4 hours
  • Battery capacity (18650 cells): 10.4 Ah
  • Water depth supported: 1.6–9.8 ft (0.5–3 m) 
  • Filter Density: 180 µm
  • Voice audio prompts
  • Color LED for modes and status
  • Size: 16.8 x 15.6 x 11.3 in.
  • Warranty: 2 year replacement

To get more info, visit the Seauto website.