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Ryobi USB Lithium LED Pivoting Laser Flashlight Review FVL54K

Ryobi’s Latest USB Lithium Flashlight Adds in Some Welcome Features

Having access to a quality flashlight is pretty important. Not only are they useful in emergencies like power outages, but homeownership gives you tons of opportunities to break one out on a semi-regular basis. Ryobi has a pretty deep catalog of lighting solutions, and today we’re turning our attention to the latest entry in the USB Lithium lighting lineup: the Ryobi Pivoting Flashlight.

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Ryobi USB Lithium Pivoting Flashlight Performance

  • Model: Ryobi FVL54K
  • Up to 625 lumens of light output
  • Integrated Red Dot laser
  • Up to 16 hours of runtime
  • 3 brightness settings

Output and Runtime

The Ryobi FVL54K Pivoting Flashlight has a maximum power output of 625 lumens with a total of three brightness settings. Pressing the power button will automatically start it on the highest setting, and you can toggle to medium (225 lumens), low (75 lumens), and off by pressing the button again.

Ryobi tells us this flashlight has a runtime of up to 16 hours on the lowest light setting.

Ryobi Pivoting Flashlight Design

Ryobi Pivoting Flashlight
  • Length: 7.5 inches
  • Weight: 0.36 pounds
  • Magnetic base
  • 180° pivoting head
  • IP54 water and dust resistant
  • Belt clip
  • Lanyard loop

The FVL54K flashlight measures 7.5 inches in length and weighs 0.36 pounds.

One feature it does differently than Ryobi’s previous iteration USB Lithium flashlight is its 180° pivoting head. This design lets you change the light’s direction by just swiveling the head joint to your desired position.

As part of the USB Lithium lineup, the battery is removable and recharges via a USB-C charging cord. To sweeten the pot, the battery cap has a magnetic design, letting you attach it to metal surfaces for hands-free illumination.

Additionally, the brand designed this flashlight to carry an IP54 rating, making it water and dust resistant.

Belt Clip

If you’re someone who needs both hands free when you’re working, this flashlight features a belt clip that lets you store it on your person until you’re ready to use it again. The metal on the belt clip feels very sturdy and isn’t extremely bendable, so you can be sure you’ll get a firm hold. Also featured on the belt clip is a handy lanyard loop to tie a lanyard to if you so desire.


Additionally, the FVL54K flashlight houses a Red Dot laser to help you identify and point out objects and locations that are out of reach. To power the laser function, simply hold down the power button until it turns on or off.

Ryobi Pivoting Flashlight Price

This flashlight retails for $49.97 as a kit, including a 2.0Ah USB Lithium battery and USB-C charging cable. Ryobi backs your purchase with a 2-year warranty.