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Makita’s Cordless Microwave Just Launched in the USA

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In a surprising move, the Makita XGT cordless microwave launched in the USA and is available now.

Makita’s cordless microwave, model MW001GZ, has a 1.5 cubic foot capacity and 2 power output levels – 350W and 500W.

It has a dual port battery bay, but only requires one battery top operate. The battery hand-off is sequential, meaning that the microwave will run on one battery and automatically switch to the other one when the first is depleted.

Features include an LED light, rotary control knob for setting heating time, and battery fuel gauge. There’s also a USB port (Type A, 2.4A max output) for charging electronic devices.

According to the user manual, the 500W setting is a “temporary boost function,” with the microwave switching down to 350W after about 8 minutes.

Runtime for 2x 2.5Ah batteries (18V 5Ah equivalent) is estimated to be 8 minutes at 500W or 14 minutes at 350W, and for 2x 4.0Ah batteries (18V 8Ah equivalent), it’s 15 minutes at 500W or 21 minutes at 350W.

The microwave can fit up to 2 of Makita’s BL4080F (8Ah) batteries. It’s also compatible with their PDC1200 backpack power supply.

Price: $929 (tool-only)

Since the microwave is built with a dual battery port, maybe Makita can also build an 18V X2 model.

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