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Klein Tools’ Home Depot and Lowe’s Availability Explained

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We recently posted about how our local Home Depot stores seem to be pushing Klein Tools out on clearance, and how Lowe’s stores are prepping to receive them as part of their new retail partnership.

Klein Tools answered some questions we had about the matter, and about their future availability.

Thank you to Klein Tools for being open to discussing this. Following is what they said, with the key takeaways being my own interpretations:

Will any Klein Tools remain at Home Depot?

Yes, Klein Tools’ continues to value our relationship with The Home Depot as a distribution partner for Klein Tools. The Home Depot manages their own inventory and ultimately decides what products will be made available to Pros. While there will be a decrease in Klein’s overall presence, we will still have many products available in store and on The Home Depot’s website.

Key Takeaway: Many select Klein tools will still be available at Home Depot stores, and you can also buy the brand’s tools at Home Depot’s website.

How extensive of a Klein Tools lineup can we expect to see at Lowe’s now, and in the future?

When everything is set, Lowe’s will have the largest in-store selection of Klein Tools nationwide. From Big Box exclusives like the MODbox mobile work station, Personal Protection Equipment and many core Made in USA SKUs, customers will be able to find all the tools they love, as well as hundreds of new innovative products.

Key Takeaway: Lowe’s will have the largest in-store selection, as well as specific exclusives.

When will the initial Klein introduction at Lowe’s be completed?

Klein Tools will be rolled out in all Lowe’s Prozones in late August and then there will be a continuous flow of product into the stores in the electrical, tools and personal protection equipment aisles throughout Q4 and into 2024.

Key Takeaway: The kickoff at Lowe’s will begin soon and continue in coming months.

Why is Klein leaving Home Depot after 14 years of exclusivity? (I understand if this one cannot be answered.)

The demand for Klein Tools has never been higher. Our customers needed more products available to them at more locations. With our expansion into Lowe’s, we are making more Klein Tools available to all contractor trades.

Over time, Lowe’s and will stock the broadest assortment of nearly 2,000 unique Klein Tools products ranging from the brand’s iconic lineman’s pliers and other hand tools, a full line of personal protection equipment, as well as Klein Tools’ all-new mobile MODBox storage system.

These look to be exciting times for Klein Tools.

I particularly like this part – “as well as hundreds of new innovative products.”

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