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New Ridgid Pro Gear Drawers Tool Box – Teaser

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Ridgid will be launching a new Pro Gear 2.0 XL 3-drawer tool box at Home Depot later on in 2023.

This is the first expansion to the Ridgid Pro Gear 2.0 modular tool box system that launched around this time last year.

And yes, just in case you haven’t noticed, it’s 100% compatible with the Pro Gear cart!! In other words, you can build a mobile tool box stack with this 3-drawer tool box at the bottom.

Ridgid Pro Modular Tool Box with Open Drawer on Rolling Cart

The Ridgid XL drawered tool box will come with removable dividers. There are 2 sizes of drawers, with two shallow and one deeper drawer.

Latches at the front help to keep everything secure for transport.

It is unclear as to whether the Pro Gear 2.0 cart will be available separately. At the time of this posting, you can only purchase the cart as bundled with the standard XL tool box.

I really like the way the XL tool boxes are interchangeable with the removable cart.

When I first posted about the newest Ridgid tool box system, I said:

IF – and that’s a big if – Ridgid comes out with other XL-sized tool boxes, this could allow users to customize their bottom tool box component as they please. For example, if Ridgid comes out with a drawered tool box or front-door cabinet-style tool box, an Attach-and-Detach cart base would allow any of those or other XL-sized tool boxes to be used as the bottom of a Ridgid mobile tool box stack.

Readers have mentioned wanting customizable bottom boxes before – such as tool boxes with drawers – and THIS would be the way to do it!

This is one of those times I’m glad to have been right.

Ridgid Pro Gear 2 Modular Tool Box Product Family 2023

The Ridgid Pro Gear 2.0 tool boxes are backwards compatible with their earlier generation Pro Gear tool boxes and organizers. I haven’t seen any exceptions so far, aside from the removable hand cart only working with 2.0 system XL tool boxes.

Ridgid Pro Gear 2 Modular Tool Box Product Family with Wall Mounting 2023

The drawer tool boxes are also wall-mountable via Ridgid’s Pro Gear 2.0 Fix & Go hangers (not included).

More details will be available later this year.

I’ve got my hands on the test sample shown above – please let me know if you have any questions.

I bought two Ridgid XL tool boxes last year (one with a rolling cart and one without) and love how I can swap which one serves as the base of a mobile stack. Being able to use drawers at the bottom creates so many more options!

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