rOtring 600 Mechanical Pencil is on Sale

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Amazon has the rOtring 600 mechanical pencil on sale right now, and at a very good price.

It’s the black-barrel 0.5mm pencil that’s on sale, for $17.66 at the time of this posting. This is a steep discount compared to the pencil’s regular price of $29 to $31 at other reputable sellers.

I bought mine for a little more 5 years ago, and it is one of the finest mechanical pencils I have ever used.

In my experience, the rOtring 600 has a comfortably balanced metal barrel and a very satisfying and precise lead advancement mechanism.

Do you need one? Probably not. But maybe you want a fine precision tool at a discount.

Unless something has changed that I didn’t hear about, the rOtring 600 is made in Japan.

Sale Price: $17.66

“I want a great mechanical pencil but that’s too much money.”

I’ve got two recommendations for you – the Staedtler 925 series (~$11-12 at Amazon), and the Pentel GraphGear 1000 (~$8-12 at Amazon).

The Staedtler feels like a finer writing instruments, but the GraphGear 1000 is a more durable and even workshop-friendly mechanical pencil, thanks to its retractable lead tube.

I prefer 0.5mm mechanical pencils for most tasks, and use 0.7mm sizes for rougher markings and such.

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