Milwaukee Pipeline 2023 – What do You Predict?

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Milwaukee Pipeline 2023 is next week – Tuesday, August 8th, 2023. Pipeline – formerly NPS (New Product Symposium) – is Milwaukee’s annual media event where they showcase their latest tools and innovations.

What are your predictions as to what will be announced or revealed?

Also – what questions do you want me to ask?

Pipeline is an opportunity to ask questions direct to Milwaukee Tool product managers, VPs, design and development engineers, and those in charge. Even Steven Richman – Milwaukee Group President for the last 16+ years – is available to answer questions.

Here is what I think we will see next week, in addition to recently-announced tools.

M18 Pouch Cell Lithium-ion Batteries

Even if the launch might not be imminent, I think there’s a good chance of new M18 stacked pouch-style batteries.

It’s about time.

When touring Milwaukee’s battery lab last year, I saw pouch cells under test. There weren’t many, but enough to hint at what Milwaukee was working on. Since last year’s media event was their first since 2019, it’s unclear how long they’ve been working on things.

If a new M18 battery will be announced, what types of new tools might be announced alongside it?

Packout… Something?

The modular tool storage system market has been heating up, with a couple of recent launches and more on the way.

Milwaukee Packout has been steadily expanded upon over the past few years. They expanded in a new direction in recent years, with the workshop storage system.

But, I think we’re due for an enhancement of some kind – maybe accessories that latch or clamp onto the metal rail corner protectors found on full-size Packout tool boxes.

Updated… Miter Saw?

I’m just guessing a bit now, but it’s an educated guess.

Milwaukee just announced a new M18 Fuel 16 gauge straight finish nailer, and a larger cordless router. There could be more that they’ve been working on with a residential construction and remodeling focus.

Your Predictions and Questions?

What do you think is coming? What do you want to see announced next week?

What kinds of questions should I try to ask? I’m hoping there will be plenty of time for candid conversations.

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