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Oh Lowe’s, it’s Not Halloween Yet!

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I visited a couple of Lowe’s stores recently, looking to see if a particular batch of new tools came in yet (they haven’t), and was met with some Halloween decorations at each entrance.

There’s a giant scarecrow with a scythe, and an animatronic skeleton that plays a “I Love Halloween” to the tune of “I Love Rock and Roll” by the Arrows (and made popular by Joan Jett and the Blackhearts).

I must admit – I found this to be ridiculous at first. These Lowe’s stores were all still selling patio furniture and grills, and in front of all of that – Halloween decorations in July.

But… I kind of like the idea.

Oh, I’m not buying Halloween decorations anytime soon, but it made me smile.

The skeleton was motion or proximity-activated, and it constantly attracted and held the attention of a lot of people as they walked into the store.

Because of where the display was positioned right in front of the store, the tune carried. I didn’t tire of hearing the song every time customers came in and walked up to the display, but I feel for the workers at the returns and customer service desk.

There’s a sound and video clip on the Lowe’s product page, although you can’t buy it there yet, if you want a quick chuckle (or eyeroll).