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Amazon is Underselling Home Depot on this Milwaukee Packout Bit Set

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Over at Amazon, they have this Milwaukee Packout and 100pc Shockwave bit set bundle, and they’re beating Home Depot on its price.

As I’ve posted about in the past, this set is “regularly” $100, but sells for $50 much of the year as part of different seasonal promotions or sales.

Every now and then there’s an added deal of the day or similar, where Home Depot will drop the price to $45 very temporarily.

Finding Milwaukee Tool products on Amazon isn’t surprising.

From what I have seen, it seems that a lot of 3rd party sellers buy up inventory from Home Depot or other authorized dealers, and put them on Amazon at a markup.

That’s retail arbitrage, and a lot of resellers on Amazon do this with a range of products.

But here, it lists as the seller and shipper, which makes no sense, as Amazon is not an authorized dealer.

So where are they getting their inventory from?

This has happened a couple of times over the years, such as a couple of years ago when Amazon was selling Harbor Freight Hercules tools.

If the items weren’t available for purchase, I’d chalk it up to a search engine optimization type of tactic. But you can buy the Milwaukee bit set and Packout tool case combo, and for less than Home Depot is selling it for at the moment.

This is strange – I wonder what’s going on here. How are they selling this directly if they’re not an authorized dealer?