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Benchmade Redoubt Pocket Knife Review

Open any drawer in my house and there’s a better-than-average chance you’re going to find a knife in there. They each have a purpose (even if it’s feeding my obsession) and in my hunt for a quality option to have on weekend fishing trips, I came across the Made in the USA Benchmade Redoubt pocket knife.


  • High-quality materials
  • Plain and partially serrated edges available
  • On the affordable side of Benchmark’s range
  • Reversible ultra-deep carry pocket clip (tip-up carry)
  • Excellent grip security
  • Outstanding functionality as an EDC
  • Lifetime sharpening and maintenance service included
  • Made in the USA


  • Not as visually appealing of a handle shape as other options
  • Some people may not like the Grivory handle’s plastic-like feel, even though it’s a durable, tough material

Benchmade Redoubt Blade

The Redoubt features a D2 steel blade formed into a 3.55-inch drop point style and then gets a Cerakote finish with a cobalt black color. D2 steel is an excellent mid-range option and Benchmade gets higher quality out of their blend thanks to starting with the powder metal form. Toughness, wear resistance, and corrosion resistance all get a boost compared to less expensive D2 steels.

Blade deployment is primarily via ambidextrous thumb studs. The operation is smooth and quick, but there’s no spring to assist.

To close the blade, there’s no frame or liner lock like most folding knives use. Instead, there’s a spring-loaded release at the top of the handle. I really like the design for a couple of reasons.

Blade Release

First, it keeps your fingers out of the way of the blade. When you push over a frame or liner lock, the blade can swing down and hit your knuckle, especially with a high-mass blade and/or quality bearing. Needless to say, a sharp blade and your skin don’t play well together.

You can also use the release as a deployment mechanism. Simply pull it back and flick your wrist to get a super-quick opening.

You can get the Redoubt in plain or partially serrated edge styles. Because my purposes for this knife may include cutting rope or cord, I went with the partial serration.

Benchmade Redoubt Handle

Grivory Handle

For the Redoubt, Benchmade uses its Grivory handle with a gray and green color scheme. It’s one area that really sets this knife apart from the others in my collection. Grivory is a lightweight thermoplastic that is extremely tough in the field. While the handle makes the balance weight-forward, I don’t have any complaints in my day-to-day use. Since there’s no metal to corrode and I spend the majority of my fishing time in saltwater, the Grivory handle is a plus for me.

Benchmade Redoubt Pocket Knife in Hand

The material itself doesn’t have the best grip, but with the textured green section and three sections of jimping, the Redoubt’s grip is outstanding. The texture helps in both dry and wet hand carry situations since the texture is aggressive enough to let water and sweat drip away.

Additional Highlights

  • Ultra-deep pocket clip
  • Reversible tip-up carry
  • Lanyard/tether hole

Benchmade Redoubt Price

Benchmade Redoubt Pocket Knife Review

Whether you want the plain or partially serrated blade, the retail price of this knife is $200. Benchmade includes a lifetime sharpening service with their knives. Branded the LifeSharp Guarantee, just submit your claim online, ship it, and the service team will sharpen the blade along with cleaning, oiling, and making any adjustments for no additional cost.

The Bottom Line

The Benchmade Redoubt is an outstanding EDC that’s at home in a wide range of unfriendly environments. The size is right for a workhorse knife, the Grivory grip is secure, and the D2 blade steel offers mid-range performance while keeping the price affordable. From long days as my deckhand on fishing trips to farmwork and defensive carry, it’s a high-quality, dependable pocket knife you can count on that’s made right here in the USA.