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Dremel is Due for Something New

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Dremel, well known for their rotary tools, is due for something new.

The hobbyist tool brand has expanded their focus in recent years to include a small range of home and lifestyle tools, and crafting tools.

They entered the digital fabrication business with 3D printers and then a laser cutter. Dremel left the digital fabrication industry in 2022.

Their home solutions line included a cordless screwdriver, hot glue gun (similar to the Bosch sold in Europe), a flashlight, and a laser distance measuring tool.

Dremel Tool Business Categories

Dremel’s Amazon store neatly summarizes the brand’s tool categories:

  • Rotary tools and accessories
  • 4V tools (home and lifestyle)
  • Oscillating tools and accessories
  • Pet grooming
  • Compact saws
  • Cleaning products

I remember the excitement I used to have over new Dremel tools and innovations.

Dremel Fortiflex 9100

Their Fortiflex flex-shaft tool came out in 2010 in Europe, and 2013 in the USA. I had hoped Dremel would seek to grow as a competitor in this space, but they’re no Foredom.

Dremel Trio Scroll Saw Jigsaw Mode

The Dremel Trio was an interesting multi-functional cutting tool. It was a tad bit gimmicky, but was innovative and versatile.

Dremel Moto Saw Handheld

The Dremel Moto-Saw was an interesting 2013 launch. It was half powered fret saw, half scroll saw.

It looks like you can still buy the Dremel Moto-Saw today – Amazon has it for $115.

Ryobi Rotary Tool and Accessory Display at Home Depot

Ryobi has been expanding their presence in both rotary tool and hobby tool industries. They’re already a major player in the homeowner tool market.

What is Dremel doing to push back against what I would consider major competition?

Dremel launched two new cordless rotary tools a year ago, and a brushless “smart” rotary tool months earlier in late-2021.

What have they done since then? What is Dremel doing to grow?

They sum it up with this social media post:

New year, same tools. Is that a good thing?

I always like to see more from Dremel, and I’ve started to think they are due for something new.

The brand seems to have grown a bit stagnant in my opinion, and they’re facing new and very serious competition from Ryobi.

As Amazon has started displaying sales data in search results, it looks like Dremel sold quite a few tools recently, possibly due to Prime Day sales and promotions. Is that enough?