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Flex 24V Cordless Inspection Light Review FX5121-Z

Light Up Your Workspace With The FLEX 24V Inspection Light

Working in tight spaces often presents a few issues when it comes to lighting. Maybe the light is too large, too bright, or simply cannot direct the light where you need it most. The FLEX 24V Inspection Light is poised to solve all three problems, and maybe a few more, with its slender multifunction design and illuminating performance.

Flex Inspection Light Performance

  • Light Output: 200/500/1000 lumens
  • Output Modes: 3
  • Color Temperature: 4000K, 80 CRI
  • Runtime: 10 hrs. (low), 5.5 hrs. (on high with 3.5Ah Stacked Lithium battery)

When you need to light up your workspace, the FLEX 24V Inspection Light has your back. The FX5121 features a rounded panel like a floodlight and three brightness modes that deliver up to 1,000 lumens. Similar to other lights in this class, the light panel swivels 270 degrees and pivots up to 180 degrees for multidirectional lighting needs.

Along with the directional panel, there are several ways of mounting and positioning this light that make it incredibly handy. The pistol grip design allows for use as a spotlight or flashlight, but FLEX’s design also includes a retractable hook and magnets for hands-free operation. Of course, it also stands up perfectly fine on its own, with the weight of the battery providing a stable base.

Flex Inspection Light

The light’s color temperature is slightly on the warmer side, somewhat akin to natural sunlight. We tend to prefer this type of light because it’s not as harsh as some of the bluish-white LED lights. Additionally, colors are more accurately represented and small text, like part numbers, is easier to read.

Flex Inspection Light Design Notes

Flex Inspeciton Light
  • Model: FLEX FX5121-Z
  • Power Source: FLEX 24V battery
  • Weight: 1.4 lbs. (bare), 3.1 lbs. (with 3.5Ah Stacked Lithium battery)

The FLEX 24V Inspection Light is fairly modest in both size and weight. As a bare tool, it weighs 1.4 pounds, and adding a 3.5Ah Stacked Lithium battery brings the total weight up to 3.1 pounds. The light stands 14.75 inches tall with the light panel fully upright and 8.25 inches tall when collapsed.

The main grip is wrapped in a textured rubber overmold for improved comfort and durability. Plus, its pistol grip design makes it very easy to maneuver in tight spaces.

Additional Features

  • Low battery warning
  • Belt hook
  • Compatible with all FLEX 24V batteries

Flex Inspection Light Price

The FLEX inspection light retails for $68.98 as a bare tool and is eligible for a limited lifetime warranty when registered within 30 days of purchase. At the time we’re writing this, there are no kit options available, but luckily, this light is compatible with all FLEX 24V batteries.

The Bottom Line

Overall, FLEX did an excellent job designing this 24V Inspection Light. Its multi-position panel, light output, and ruggedness is certainly impressive. However, it’s the value that really makes our heads turn. Getting this level of quality and performance for a price so far under what other professional brands charge is sure to make FLEX users smile when they start comparing price tags.