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Craftsman V-Series Ratcheting Wrenches are Still on Sale

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Craftsman’s V-Series ratcheting wrenches dropped in price a couple of days before Prime Day, and they’re still on sale.

I bought a set of the metric wrenches (shown above) and SAE sizes (shown below).

Note: Stanley Black & Decker is a ToolGuyd sponsor, and you’ll see the first of those posts shortly. There will be sponsored posts tied to the Craftsman V-Series, but this is not one of them.

Craftsman V-Series SAE Ratcheting Wrench Set

One of the best parts about these sets is the compact holder. The wrenches fit in neatly, and the case halves fold together to create a very packable and grabbable size.

Craftsman V-Series Ratcheting Wrench I-Beam Profile

I really like the I-beam-style grip, and the angle of the open head. It’s comfortable, and from earlier experiences, the head angle can engage a fastener in tight spaces.

Facom 440 Combination Wrenches

The design is not new to me; I love my Facom wrenches of a very similar design. (Facom is a pro-grade tool brand that’s more widely known overseas and is also owned by Stanley Black & Decker.)

My experience with Facom tools is part of why I am a big fan of the V-Series. With the Craftsman V-Series, Stanley Black & Decker has greatly improved the availability of their European hand tool designs, and at more affordable prices. Plus I don’t have to go through the hassle of ordering them from international sellers.

I have already used Craftsman V-Series wrenches, but I saw this new sponsorship as an opportunity to get a set of the ratcheting wrenches that I could call my own.

Proto Spline I-Beam Ratcheting Wrench

I bought several Proto I-beam-style ratcheting spline wrenches a few years ago – just the sizes I use most often, and then a couple more. I like them a lot, but couldn’t justify a metric set, or a second SAE set I can “grab and go.”

Unfortunately, only the ratcheting wrenches are on sale, and the non-ratcheting combination wrenches are not.

Are these the best ratcheting wrenches on the market today? Probably not. I am a big fan of the design, and the portable sets fill a long-noticed hole in my tool kit.

SAE Sizes: 5/16″ 3/8″ 7/16″ 1/2″ 9/16″ 5/8″ 11/16″ 3/4″

Metric Sizes: 8 10 11 12 13 14 17 19mm

Price: $67.98 for the SAE set, $68.98 for the metric set

Both sets are backordered at the moment, and there’s no indication as to how long they’ll stay at the current deal pricing. Amazon’s “save 20%” claims are accurate – the sets were indeed $84.98 each at the end of June.

Lowe’s has both sets at $84.98 each. I included the links in case you want to see more user reviews.

For those of you that bought a set on Prime Day, what do you think about these wrenches?

Because of the SBD/Craftsman sponsorship, I’m biting my tongue here a bit and masking my extreme enthusiasm for this style of wrench. I haven’t reviewed these ratcheting wrenches yet, but I did review the Facom 440 series non-ratcheting combination wrenches, here.