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Olight Flash Sale – Baton 3, Warrior Mini 3, and More (ends 7/14/23)

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Olight’s latest flash sale just kicked off tonight, and will end at 11:59pm EST 7/14/23 – unless supplies sell out sooner.

As usual, Olight has a new selection of flashlights on sale, as well as a new product introduction.

Rather than run through the broad selection, I’ll focus on what I’d buy and why, as well as the newest EDC flashlight, the Warrior Mini 3.

Olight i1R2 Pro and i3E Eos LED Flashlights in Orange

To start off, every registered user gets a free gift – while supplies last.

If you’re a returning user who previously placed an order with a value greater than $5, you get an i1R2 Pro mini rechargeable flashlight, in orange with a pinwheel pattern.

The i1R2 Pro is a nice little light, with USB-Charging.

Newly registered customers, or returning customers whose previous order was $5 or less, get a free i3E eos LED flashlight, also in orange. This is a 1x AAA light.

If you don’t buy anything else, you can get the freebie for just $5 flat rate shipping (from what I’ve seen). Either flashlight for just $5 shipped is a good value by itself. There’s a limit of 1 per person.

Olight Baton 3 LED Flashlight Roadster Limited Edition

The Olight Baton 3 is available in a new limited edition “Roadster” color scheme. It features a metallic blue base color with a slightly textured black grip. There’s an orange accent color surrounding the power and mode selection button.

Olight sent over a test sample for review. I was hesitant about the color, but it looks phenomenal in person. I’m thinking about buying a couple to give as holiday gifts.

Olight describes the engraved section as being an anti-slip body texture. In my opinion, it’s grippy, not nowhere as grippy as the standard Baton 3.

I’m likely going to retire an older mini Baton 2 or even a newer Baton 3 in favor of this one.

It’s on sale for $48.74.

Olight Warrior Mini 3 LED Flashlights Hero

Olight has introduced the new Warrior Mini 3, an update over the Warrior Mini 2, which is still available.

It has a new proximity sensor that seems like it could both protect users’ pockets from accidental activation, and ease frustrations some users had about the previous generation’s behaviors.

Olight describes it as having a pre-activated proximity sensor. Basically, as I understand it, if you turn the flashlight on in a pocket or next to an obstruction, the light will dim right away. If you bring the flashlight up to a surface during use, or it detects rainfall or similar, it will not dim.

The Warrior Mini 3 is more compact the previous model – it’s slightly shorter and has a 23mm diameter throughout (as opposed to 23mm and 25mm at its widest for the Mini 2).

Whereas the Mini 2 had two pocket clip positions, the Mini 3 has one.

The 1750 max lumen brightness remains the same. The throw distance has been increased slightly, from 220 to 240 meters.

Olight also redesigned the tailcap with a new Nano Molding Technology (NMT) surface that wipes clean from magnetic dust or debris.

Personally, I prefer the older style of tailcap button, but I’m still getting used to the Mini 3 and might change my mind in the future.

The side switch has also been updated to a “bigger and tougher” metal switch, instead of domed rubber. This seems like a nice upgrade, or at least it’s comfortable and easy to find by feel.

Lastly, the two-way pocket clip has also been upgraded and is wider and thicker. Its attachment design has also been changed.

The Warrior Mini 3 is on sale in 3 colors – forest gradient (green fade to black), midnight horizon (blue fades to black), and black.

The Warrior Mini series lights are excellent EDC lights. I like them slightly better than the Baton 3 Pro’s at times, due to the tail cap that can be used for instant-turbo brightness.

If not for the flat tail cap that I’m still getting used to, this would get an instant recommendation from me.

Olight i3T Black Lava LED Flashlight

The i3T eos flashlight is on sale for $15.96 to $18.69. This is a 1x AAA flashlight with 180 lumens max brightness.

I highly recommend the i3T. The black lava color scheme looks neat and is $18.69. I’d go for either that one, or the blue pinwheel design for a few dollars less at $15.99. Or go for plain black or desert tan for $15.96.

I bought my first i3T in desert tan for $21.95, and so $16-19 for a colorful edition sounds good.

Olight Baton 3 Pro Black Lava LED Flashlight

The Baton 3 Pro in lava black color scheme is on sale for $59.49, and in other colors for $52.49.

The mini Baton 3 is one of my favorite EDC lights, with the Baton 3 Pro not too far behind. It lacks the tail cap switch of the Warrior Mini series.

Even though the Warrior Mini 3 is more compact than its predecessor, the Baton 3 Pro is even shorter.

So, for EDC use, I’d get a:

Freebie mini light as my first Olight flashlight (or freebie with any purchase).

Baton 3 Roadster as an everyday pocket carry light. I also have Baton 3’s (and its predecessor) attached in convenient locations by their magnetic end caps.

Warrior Mini 3 if I wanted a new high-powered light with side switch for power and mode selection and tail cap switch for instant turbo (or strobe).

Baton 3 Pro as an EDC light with higher brightness and runtime than the smaller Baton 3. It takes up more pocket space, but is a better choice for heavier use.