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Makita Finally Launched an XGT Jig Saw – But Not in the USA

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Makita has finally launched an XGT cordless jig saw, model JV001G, which from the product specs looks to outperform their 18V model.

The new Makita XGT cordless jig saw features a brushless motor, barrel-style grip, variable speed dial, and 3 orbital settings.

At this time, only a barrel grip model has been announced, and there is no indication as to if or when a D-handle jig saw might be released.

Makita XGT Cordless Barrel Grip Jig Saw Cutting Wood

Features & Specs

  • 800 – 3500 SPM (strokes per minute)
  • 26mm stroke length
  • Bevels 45° left and right
  • Soft start with disabling function
  • Wider base plate for less wobbling
  • Twin LED lights
  • Tool-free blade clamp
  • Weighs 1.91 kg (~4.21 lbs) tool-only
  • 84 dB(A) noise level

Makita’s 18V brushless jig saw model (DJV181Z overseas, XVJ01Z in USA), is advertised as delivering up to 390W of continuous rating input. The new XGT model is said to deliver a continuous rating input of 700W. The18V model is slightly quieter with a 78 dB(A) noise rating.

Note: Makita lists the top speed as 3000 SPM in some places, and 3500 SPM in others. I would assume that 3500 SPM is correct, to match the max speed of the 18V model.

I would think this difference in power – 700W vs 390W – might deliver improved performance or faster application speeds under heavier loads, similar to what Makita advertises for their XGT cordless router compared to their 18V model.

Makita USA has failed to bring many XGT cordless power tools to the USA market in a timely manner – and sometimes at all. Because of that, there is uncertainty as to whether the XGT jig saw will launch in the USA, or when.

For example, Makita came out with an XGT cordless brad nailer more than 2 years ago, but it still isn’t available here in the USA.

Overseas, there’s also a new cordless power station and USB charger, cordless microwave, USB-C charger with LED light, and others.

Makita USA blacklisted ToolGuyd (again) without any explanation – seemingly after we reported on their numerous price hikes and recent company-wide layoffs – and so there’s no one to ask about potential USA availability.