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Eastwood Elite Contour DSB Dustless Sanding Block

Capture More Than 95% of Dust With Eastwood’s Contour DSB Sanding Block

When you’re restoring or repainting a car, one of the biggest tasks to complete is the initial sanding job. Getting your surface smooth enough for painting takes time, and unfortunately puts out a lot of sanding dust. Luckily, the Eastwood Dustless Sanding Block helps you keep a clean workspace by collecting dust before it settles.

Eastwood Dustless Sanding Block: Overview

  • Model: Eastwood 98038
  • Vacuum collects more than 95% of sanding dust
  • Flexible sanding blocks
  • Center-mounted hose on sanding blocks
  • Compatible with 1.25-inch and 1.75-inch vacuum hoses
  • 15-foot vacuum hose
  • Regulator adjusts suction level
  • Flow control valve to match each sanding grit
  • DSB sandpaper (sold separately) has holes that align with the holes on the sanding block

Eastwood’s Dustless Sanding Block connects to your vacuum hose and shopvac to collect more than 95% of sanding dust while you work. There are three different block sizes— 5-inch, 11-inch, and 16-inch. Each block is slightly flexible, with a foam layer that contours to the bodylines of your workpiece.

Each block features a center-mounted hole for the vacuum hose to ensure level sanding and proper hand placement. The 15-foot vacuum hose is compatible with 1.25-inch and 1.75-inch hoses via the included adapters. If your vacuum hose is another size, you’ll have to provide your own adapter (they’re available at most hardware stores).

Eastwood recommends PSA sandpaper for best results. The brand also offers its own DSB Sandpaper (sold separately) that has holes that align with the sanding block’s holes, which enables better dust collection.

Car restoration isn’t the only application for this sanding tool, either. Eastwood says it’s been tested and used for drywall sanding. Just make sure your sandpaper is on the finer-grit side when sanding to ensure even results.

Eastwood Dustless Sanding Block Price

This sanding block kit comes with 5-inch, 11-inch, and 16-inch sanding blocks, a hose, a flow regulator, and a vacuum hose adapter. It retails for $149.97 and you can find it directly through Eastwood. The brand backs your purchase with a 3-year warranty.