John Deere and EGO Announce Partnership

John Deere and EGO Team Up to Embrace Battery Power

EGO and John Deere are two of the largest names in their respective sectors of the lawn care market. The two brands announced a partnership that would enable John Deere dealers to sell EGO-branded battery products. Not only this, but they also intend to collaborate on future product development.

Here’s what David Thorne, vice president of John Deere Turf and Compact Utility Business had to say about the collaboration:

“Simplifying the landscape management of properties is what drives us every day. We seek to provide our customers with a broad range of tools, which will now include a battery ecosystem that can be extended into a variety of property care solutions.

“Partnering with a leading electric solutions brand, like EGO, to provide top-quality battery-powered equipment will propel both John Deere and Chervon into a stronger market position to serve our evolving customers.”

What We Say

“A partnership between John Deere and EGO makes sense on multiple levels. Residential customers can get a full range of top-rated battery-powered products to care for their lawns at the John Deere retailer they already enjoy shopping at. On the commercial side, there’s the potential for EGO’s deep knowledge of battery-powered OPE to help develop a full line of commercial-grade products professionals can rely on from a name they already trust. It’s a win-win for both brands.”

Kenny Koehler, Managing Editor, Pro Tool Reviews

With EGO’s portable battery system spanning more than 70 compatible products, both homeowners and landscaping Pros can use the same battery system for all of their lawn care needs. We look forward to seeing where this collaboration leads and what EGO and John Deere introduce in years to come.

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