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Why is Lowe’s Selling DieHard Air Compressors?

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I was checking Lowe’s deals of the day, on the off chance they had interesting tools on sale, and instead found this DieHard 3-gallon hot dog style portable air compressor for $99.

Since when is Lowe’s selling DieHard tools? Why?

Lowe’s has a couple of DieHard products in their online catalog – portable air compressors, rubber air hose in a single length, and a single 10pc multipurpose air tool kit.

DieHard 6-Gallon Pancake Style Air Compressor

To be frank, the air compressors don’t look anything special to me.

Lowe’s already has a nice selection of air compressors, from brands such as Craftsman, Kobalt, Bostitch, Dewalt, and Metabo HPT, and several more brands if you shop online only, such as California Air Tools, Goodyear, and Campbell Hausfeld.

But no, their deal of the day is on a DieHard-branded air compressor.

DieHard, for those unfamiliar with the brand, was a Sears brand that focused on car batteries. If I recall correctly they also put their name on things like work boots. Sears also sold DieHard flashlights, some of which were quite decent.

Advance Auto Parts acquired the DieHard brand name at the end of 2019. On their website, they say that they expanded the brand in 2021 with power tools, and hand tools in 2022.

Sears Craftsman 20V Cordless Power Tool Combo Kit

Sears leveraged the DieHard name for cordless power tool batteries in 2018 and 2019, after they sold the Craftsman brand to Stanley Black & Decker.

I haven’t seen anything from the DieHard brand since then.

Diehard Power Tools and Hand Tools Hero

Advanced Auto does seem to have launched new lines of DieHard cordless power tools and hand tools, as well as automotive mechanics equipment such as jacks, lifts, creepers, and tool storage. That’s good for them, and it’s a bit interesting.

But why is this a focus for Lowe’s? I’d rather see deals of the day on air compressors from Dewalt, Metabo HPT, Craftsman, and even Kobalt. DieHard?

Are you interested in buying a DieHard air compressor from Lowe’s, on sale or not?

Is Lowe’s dipping their toes into the DieHard tool waters here? Is it a one-off promotion for the brand?

Lowe's Homepage June 2023

In other news, Lowe’s was advertising Halloween décor the other day. In June. Who’s interested in buying Halloween decorations in June?!

Sometimes I feel that, the more I understand the tool retail industry, the less I really understand it.