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The One Milwaukee Tool for Every Tool Box

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Milwaukee Tool’s scissors are quite possibly the only tool in their entire product catalog that can serve everyone’s needs.

I had to open some packaging last week, and my Milwaukee scissors were the go-to.

Cutting rubber sheet material? Twine in the garden? Twist ties holding a bunch of wire together? Cardboard? Milwaukee scissors got it done.

They’re plenty durable, too.

I used my scissors in a way I’m not proud of yesterday, to tap a garden stake a little deeper into the soil. I should have walked back to the garage and grabbed a mallet, but the scissors were already in my hand.

It was kind of asking for it, with the exposed metal through-tang part of the handle all exposed like that.

Milwaukee Offset Scissors Used with Gloved Hand

The scissors are comfortable to use, and after several years they’re still easy to open.

It also turns out that the scissors are 100% true to Milwaukee’s claims, that the “bolt lock technology” prevents the blades from loosening over time.

Milwaukee Jobsite Scissors Straight and Offset Styles

There are two versions – straight scissors, and offset.

Technically the title should be “the two Milwaukee tools for every tool box,” but I consider them to be variations of the same tool.

I have found that either one will do the job maybe 95% of the time. If I had to pick one over the other, it might be the straight scissors.

The straight scissors are more compact, and I tend to favor them for this if given the choice.

The offset scissors keeps my hand a bit further away from whatever I’m cutting, which can make a difference when cutting sheets of something.

So, I will generally use whichever is closest to me, but will grab the straight scissors when moving around or on the go, and the offset scissors when making longer cuts.

The straight scissors look to be more popular, judging by the review count for the new version on Home Depot’s website. They’re also less expensive by a few dollars.

Milwaukee calls these jobsite scissors, and while I don’t doubt their usefulness in a construction setting, they’re definitely highly versatile, convenient, and well-performing beyond pro usage environments.

I have bought quite a few of these scissors over the years, and like to give them as gifts. Everyone can use strong high quality scissors, right?

Price: $15.97 (straight), $18.97 (offset)

Home Depot is offering free shipping for either model right now, with no minimum order amount required. Both styles can usually be found at most stores.