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Lowe’s has a Neat Kobalt Cutting Tool

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Lowe’s has a neat-looking Kobalt cutting tool – 8″ serrated molded grip scissors.

They’re described these as scissors, but the tool has more of an aviation snips type of blade and handles geometry.

The Kobalt scissors are advertised as being suited for cutting a wide range of material, such as paper, fabric, canvas, rubber. leather, and steel sheets up to 0.8mm thick.

Kobalt Serrated Molded Grip Scissors

The tool features a drop forged steel blade and full-length steel tang that extends into the handle.

There’s a jaw locking feature, suggesting the scissors have a spring-action handle.

Lowe’s lists the Kobalt scissors as a new product, but there are reviews going back to 2018.

I don’t recall seeing this Kobalt tool before, but the design reminds me of my much-loved MidWest Tool Knifti-Cut snips.

The user reviews seem positive, with customers reporting good experiences cutting things like vinyl lattice, dowel rods, thin steel cable, and plastic clamshell packaging.

Price: $12.98
Model 57373