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These Fantastic Knipex Pliers are on Sale – Lowest Price Ever!

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The fantastic Knipex TwinGrip pliers are on sale at the lowest price I’ve ever seen them sold for.

The Knipex TwinGrip is both specialty and everyday pliers. I bought a pair when they first came out, and it’s a good problem-solver that I use on general tasks as well.

They have multiple opening widths and a button adjustment mechanism that works without issue.

The jaws have aggressive teeth in horizontal and vertical orientations for gripping fasteners and other materials.

Knipex TwinGrip Pliers Jaws with Basic Handles

Over at KC Tool, the dipped handle version is on sale for $24.99 plus shipping. Orders over $75 ship for free.

Obviously, what you’ve got to do is pad your order to get free shipping. KC Tool’s deal of the day might help with that. Or, look at Halder hammers to upgrade from your current rubber mallets or dead blow hammers.

Sale Price: $24.99

As this is a Father’s Day promo, the deal ends on 6/17/23 (or while supplies last).

Knipex TwinGrip Pliers Jaws with MultiGrip Handles

If you want the comfort grip-style version, 3rd party sellers on Amazon have them at $30, which is the same price as a December 2022 deal of the day.

Do You Need These Pliers?

I’ll simply repeat what I said for the last deal post on these:

If the Knipex TwinGrip pliers hasn’t been on your wishlist or shopping list, following are some reasons why you might want to consider it.

Legendary Knipex quality – “well-made” would be an understatement.

Unique and aggressively grippy jaw design – securely grab even stripped fasteners.

Comfortable handles.

Adjustable jaw opening width – 5-setting push-button design.

Jaws with 3 contact points – gripping capacity of 4 to 22mm in diameter (5/32″ – 7/8″)

Knipex TwinGrip pliers are made in Germany.