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2023 Amazon Prime Day Power Tool Deals are Coming!

When is Amazon Prime Day? We estimate July 11th – 12th, 2023!

Every year we anxiously await the release of when exactly Amazon Prime Day will occur. Based on when it occurred last year, we estimate Amazon Prime Day will drop on July 11-12 (yes, we know—that’s actually two Amazon Prime days). Regardless—those two days practically shut down the Internet as everyone turns their focus onto Amazon and their crazy deals. Much of the hype surrounds discounts on electronics like Amazon Kindle deals, Amazon Fire Tablets, earbuds, and TV deals. Still, we pay particular attention to finding the Best Amazon Prime Day Power Tool Deals. Like every year, this year we want to alert our readers to what they should keep their eyes on.

With the housing market and inflation presenting difficulties for many Americans, finding ways to save some money seems like a good thing. Anyone who rejoiced to see the PS5 finally start shipping again last year knows what we’re talking about!

Last year, Amazon Prime Day occurred in mid-July. This year we expect Amazon to match that timeframe and launch expected deals across multiple categories.

We should see some super-low pricing on select power tools, accessories, to combo kits, and more. And, of course, we expect plenty of crazy Amazon Prime Day pricing on televisions, speakers, security systems, Bluetooth products, and more.

2023 Amazon Prime Day Power Tool Deals Are Almost Here!

We plan to cover the very best Amazon Prime Day Power Tool Deals from top brands. In addition to that, we plan to cover some of the special deals we find on tool accessories and batteries as well as combo kits and more. While the name brands present the greatest draw for us—if we see something truly intriguing from an off-brand, we’ll highlight that as well so you can consider trying out something new.

Last year, our Amazon power tool deals covered the gamut—including deals from DeWalt, Makita, Skil, EGO, Metabo HPT, and others. Deals ranged from individual power tools, to steep discounts on batteries and drastic price cuts on combo kits.

As always, we’ll update these products throughout the Prime Day event to get you the latest deals and pricing.

Popular Amazon Prime Electronics Deals

Aside from power tools, we’ll look for deals from Ring, Yamaha, Denon, Sonos, and—of course—Amazon. Whether we see awesome price drops on Kindle and Fire tablets or an Echo Show and Dots—we expect this should prove the best time of year to stock up on Amazon Prime electronics deals.

Last year we capitalized on a $100 50-inch Fire LCD TV. Whether that pops up again is anyone’s guess—but we would imagine something similar shows up. We also saw great deals on Google Nest, Ring Security systems, and products from Eufy and others.

Love to listen to the tunes? Watch out for deals from Apple, JVC, JBL, Bose, and Aker among others.

Power Stations, Power Centers, and UPS Deals

Everyone operates a computer. When the power goes out, a UPS can keep you from losing your work—not to mention a lot of time and effort. We also expect to see deals on iPhone holders, battery backups, USB power supplies, and anything that can supply power to cell phones, laptops, tablets, and more.

Household Amazon Prime Day Deals

This year, I expect we may see even more deals from Amazon Prime Day on kitchen appliances, outdoor grilling, and more. We love seeing deals on products from Meater, Cuisinart, and others. For kitchen appliances, look out for specials on Dreo, Ninja, and Instant Pot.

For more outside the home—Igloo, Traeger, Pit Boss, Weber, and Masterbuilt might show up.

Check back here often—and especially on July 11th and 12th—for our Top Amazon Prime Day Power Tool Deal Picks
(We’ll update this page throughout the day as we see new deals)

Because we deal with hundreds of tools and interface with many different retailers, we plan to evaluate each of the recommended Amazon Prime Day power tool deals before adding it to this page. While we may toss in a few of our favorite electronics deals, we want to specialize in Amazon Prime Day power tool deals. These and similar items that might appeal to the construction professional, tradesman, or serious DIYer will be our focus.

Amazon Prime Day often offers the lowest prices of the year. Since companies like DeWalt, Skil Tools, Craftsman Tools, and Makita have dedicated Amazon storefronts, we expect to see some opportunities to save some money there.

Why Amazon Prime Day is Good for Tool Deals

Based on historic Amazon Prime Day deals, we’ve seen discounts on electronics of up to 55% off. Given the recent spate of shipping delays, cargo delays, and staffing difficulties, power tool manufacturers WANT to piggyback off anything that can drive sales. We think this year’s Amazon Prime Day sale should prove the best ever for power tool deals.

Amazon created Prime Day back in 2015 as a custom seasonal holiday just for them. They offer a full 48-hour period of deals and discounts specifically targeting Amazon Prime members. Not a member? Sign up here—it’s totally worth it:

Since then, Amazon Prime Day discounts have consistently beat their pricing at any other time of the year. That includes Black Friday and Christmas sales. It really IS the best time to shop on Amazon if you can hold out long enough.

How to Find the Best Prime Day Power Tool Deals

The first rule of Amazon Prime Day power tool deals is…everyone piggybacks off Amazon! Unless you’ve been shopping recently and know your lowest prices, compare the deals on Amazon Prime Day with other retailers like Home Depot and Acme Tools. Often, these retailers try to price-match Amazon and even offer additional savings, free tools, or rebates.

Remember, Christmas is several months away. Amazon picked mid-year to create their own “holiday”. No retailer in their right mind would want to miss out on an opportunity to get into the black earlier than November! For that reason, do a lot of comparison shopping.

How Long Does Amazon Prime Day Last?

While Amazon Prime Day 2022 will last 48 hours (same as always), that doesn’t mean all deals last that long. Case in point—Amazon lightning deals. These deals last either for a limited time or until a certain number of products sell through.

That means you may want to have a window open with these deals showing while you browse. Lightning deals can include tools, accessories, and other items useful for DIYers and tradesmen. Typically, these represent legitimate limited-time savings.

Deal Alerts and Automation

If you REALLY want to maximize your chance of scoring some Amazon Prime Day power tool deals, consider automation. You have two very specific ways you can easily set this up.

First, set up your mobile app so that you can look at upcoming deals and click “Watch This Deal” to get an alert when it goes live. This sets up an alert to let you know when the deal is live and you can purchase it. With Amazon Prime Day, this feature means the difference between getting some great deals and missing them!

Second, consider using Alexa to alert you to any deals you might be interested in. Alexa can report daily deals—which we like a lot. However, a newer feature lets Alexa give you feedback on any products you track or watch in the app. This feature works with any of the later-generation Echo Dot (5th gen) or Echo Show (3rd gen) products with Alexa built-in. It can also watch products for a drop in price that you add to your cart or a Wish List.

To turn it on, open up the Alexa app. Navigate to More > Settings > Notifications and click on Amazon Shopping. Look for “Shopping Recommendations” and enable the Deal Recommendations.

Of course, if you find you want to buy one of these devices, you’re likely to pay a little more than what they cost during the Amazon Prime Day sale! Might still be worth it!

Is Amazon Prime Day Worth the Prime Membership?

We love Amazon Prime for its free shipping and also the streaming media content. The service costs either $139/year or $14.99. You also get a free 30-day trial if you want to check it out before having to pay. To take advantage of Amazon Prime Day deals, you have to be a Prime Member.

Since you get a free 30-day trial, sign up no sooner than June 18th. That ensures your trial extends through Prime Day.

Watch Out for Fake Amazon Reviews

When hunting for tool deals on Amazon Prime Day, be sure to watch out for fake user reviews. This seems to be the bane of Amazon’s existence these days—and they don’t do a great job keeping them at bay. With that being the case, we recommend you use either FakeSpot or ReviewMeta (less strict). These sites use algorithms to detect fake reviews and remove them. They also recalculate a more accurate rating for any Amazon product along with the company overall. Both exist as a web app, smartphone app, or browser extension.

See a DEAL that we missed? Found a good deal somewhere else? Let us know in the comments below so we can add it!