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SiOnyx Aurora Pro Night Vision Camera Review

From Jobsite Security To Agricultural Pest Control, The SiOnyx Aurora Pro Is A Kick Butt Tool

The concept of night vision is cool, but it’s important to keep in mind that it was developed first and foremost as a tool. The SiOnyx Aurora Pro night vision camera is our muse today and we specifically wanted to see if it has implications in the construction and agricultural industries.

Note: All images from the camera are unedited except for resizing.


  • Day, twilight, and night capable
  • Camera viewfinder or wireless cast to tablet/phone viewing
  • Visible, near IR, and partial IR spectrum coverage
  • Multiple mounting options, including vehicle and rifle
  • 3x digital zoom
  • Exposure adjustment up and down
  • IP67 ingress rating
  • 1-meter concrete drop test rated
  • -20°C to 50°C (-4°F to 122°F) operational temps
  • Excellent value compared to other night vision options


  • Slight lag when viewing on a phone/tablet
  • No autofocus

Ready to Buy?

  • SiOnyx Aurora Pro Camera: $999
  • Explorer Kit: $1049
  • Uncharted Kit: $1099

SiOnyx Aurora Pro Night Vision Camera Basics

Many people think of the green night vision goggles that became famous during news coverage of the Iraq war (yeah, I’m old enough to remember watching that on the nightly news). That’s not how SiOnyx operates this camera, though. It uses every available bit of light—even down to starlight alone—to create a full-color image as a digital camera. The sensor picks up all visible light, all of the near IR, and into the front half of the infrared spectrum (400 – 1100nm) to expand what you’re able to see.

You can view the image through the viewfinder or wirelessly send it to your phone/tablet using the Aurora app. The camera can shoot still photos or videos with a resolution of up to 1024 x 768 (720P). Combined with RAM mount compatibility, it’s useful for boats navigating at night, law enforcement surveillance, and much more. Even though we’re not talking 4K or 1080P, the Aurora Pro’s resolution is higher than DVD quality and makes objects easily identifiable.

SiOnyx Aurora Pro Night Vision Camera Side Control Dial

It’s not just a night vision camera, though. The SiOnyx Aurora Pro is also capable of shooting in twilight or full daylight. Just flip the switch to the setting you’re shooting in.

Mode Selection

The construction earns an IP67 rating, so environmental conditions aren’t much of a concern. It’s capable of operating at extreme temperatures from -20°C to 50°C (-4°F to 122°F). The camera even holds a 1-meter drop test rating onto concrete. Needless to say, it’s a tool that’s built for tough environments.

Setting Up the SiOnyx Aurora Pro Night Vision Camera

Setting up the camera is relatively easy. First, pull the tab below the viewfinder down to release it and install your battery and Micro SD card (if necessary). The basic set includes two batteries and a 32GB card, and you can use up to 256GB cards. You don’t have to use a separate card since the camera has 256GB of storage built in. That may seem a little on the low side with today’s ultra-high-resolution cameras, but keep in mind that we’re shooting in 720P, so we don’t need as much storage capacity. Still, you can double it to a total of 512GB between the onboard storage and the additional card.

SiOnyx Aurora Pro Night Vision Camera Review

Pop the viewfinder back on and plug the USB charging cable in to let that battery get charged up. While you’re waiting, go ahead and download the SiOnyx Aurora app onto whatever device you want to use as a viewing screen.

Once you’re ready to pair the camera and the app, flip the function dial to the settings mode. Press the up button on the D-pad (top of the camera) and navigate to the wi-fi settings. There you can see what the ID and key are, and connect your device to that wi-fi signal. Open up the app, verify the connection, and you’re ready to go.

Top Controls

When you’re using the app, most of the controls are available right there. The exception is the focus—you still need to set that manually on the camera.

App Screenshots

The big thing you’ll notice is a slight bit of lag between what the camera sees and what you see on the app. It’s not huge, but it’s enough to make you want to slow down if you’re operating a boat or ATV in the dark.

Using the SiOnyx Aurora Pro Night Vision Camera

There are a lot of ways to use a night vision camera for professional and recreational use. Our focus was on two main priorities. On the construction side, it’s about jobsite security and surveillance. On the agricultural side, it’s about feral hogs and coyote pest control.

The thing to keep in mind is that you’re not going to see crisp images like you do in daylight. The goal is to see what’s out there and be able to identify it, not create art to hang on the wall.

Construction Site Security

On the jobsite, the camera is highly effective. There’s typically at least a little light available, so the image quality is a bit better than starlight alone. Using the viewfinder is the best way to scan an area on regular rounds while connecting to a RAM mount and using a phone or tablet is the way to go while you’re driving around the site. Man-sized targets are identifiable up to 150 yards away with a 1/4-moon, and it’s not very difficult to see if someone is where they shouldn’t be.

While it’s not as good as a lapel mic attached to you, the built-in microphone is nice and sensitive. If you do have a confrontation, leave the camera recording to get both video and audio evidence. A nice bonus is that the camera can collect GPS and compass data on the file, or simply display it if that’s all you need at the time.

While the camera is helmet mountable, we find that for jobsite applications, handheld and RAM mounted are the most relevant ways to use it.

Pest Control

On the farm and ranch side of things, the SiOnyx Aurora Pro has a lot of potential to help track and hunt the feral hogs and coyotes that cause quite a bit of damage. Weapon-rated up to .223/5.56, it’s perfect for mounting to the rifles we use for pest control on the ranch. The trick is deciding how you want to use it.

Similar to the jobsite, you can use it for scanning—something we typically use spotlights for. The obvious advantage is that it’s easier to sneak up on the hogs. However, you still need to put light on them when it’s time to shoot, making it a two-man operation.

Alternatively, you can mount the camera to your rifle using a Picatinny rail adapter that’s available from SiOnxyx. For the purpose of hunting hogs and the distance we’re typically shooting from, we found that the Aurora Pro combined with a laser was the easiest way to hunt.

If you’re talking coyotes and need a bit more distance, you may need to employ different optics. The camera has a 3x digital zoom and that helps, however, a red dot sight might be more helpful than a laser here. Just be sure to get one that’s night vision capable, or the dot won’t be very effective.

If you’re going the route of a scope, mount the camera in front of it. For a red/green dot sight, mount the camera behind it.

Before you go through all of that, try one of the camera settings first. In photo, video, or loop mode, long press the Set button to bring up the settings. In the Overlay section, toggle the Pitch and Roll on. Bingo—you’ve got a reticle! It does obscure some of your sight picture and there’s no way to adjust windage and elevation, but it’s a pretty good solution to avoid pairing another optic.

Additional Tech Specs

  • Diopter Range: -4 to +4
  • Focus Range: 0.3 meters to infinity
  • Eye Relief: 7.5 mm to 20 mm
  • Weight: 274 g
  • Battery Life: 2 hours

SiOnyx Aurora Pro Night Vision Camera Price

The basic package includes the camera, two lithium-ion batteries, a 32GB micro SD card, a micro SD card adapter, a tether, and a charging cord packed in a high-quality Pelican-style case for $999. There are a couple of kits that can save you money on accessories as well.

The Explorer kit adds an Illuminator:

  • 940nm IR Illuminator
  • Illuminator rail mount
  • Rechargeable batteries and external battery charger for the illuminator
  • $1049 at the time of writing (normally $1249)

The Uncharted kit adds an Illuminator Plus camera and tablet mounting:

  • 940nm IR Illuminator
  • Illuminator rail mount
  • Rechargeable batteries and external battery charger for the illuminator
  • RAM Tough-Ball with 1/4″-20 x .25” threaded stud
  • 3” double socket arm
  • Strap hose clamp ball base
  • RAM Tough-Claw medium clamp base with ball
  • RAM X-Grip universal holder for 7”-8” tablets with ball
  • 1” B size rubber ball compatible with any B size RAM Mounts double socket arm
  • 3” double socket arm
  • Includes optional device tether for peace of mind during rugged use
  • Easy access grip knobs on the back of the holder allow for the quick release of your tablet
  • $1099 at the time of writing (normally $1299) – Best Value!

The Bottom Line

The deeper we dove into the SiOnyx Aurora Pro, the more versatile we realized this night vision camera is. Even as we’re wrapping up our review, we’re still discovering more ways to use it for both work and play. The camera’s ability to help us see what’s around with a minimal amount of available light is impressive, and the tough build gives us a lot of confidence to use it in less-than-ideal environmental conditions.

The next time you’re outside with a flashlight, ask yourself if you’d be better off with a wider field of view and the ability to see what’s outside your flashlight’s beam. Whether you’re looking at night vision options for safety, surveillance, pest control, or just to see what’s going on after the sun goes down, the SiOnyx Aurora Pro gets two enthusiastic thumbs up from our crew.