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Makita 18V Compact Blower Duster is Launching this Month

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Tool retailers have announced that Makita USA will soon be launching an 18V version of their XGT 40V Max compact cordless duster, with model number XSA01Z.

The XGT cordless blower is quite the versatile tool, and it’s good to see an 18V one is finally coming out as well.

Makita USA not yet made any announcements, and I sincerely hope this isn’t a result of their recent “company-wide reduction in force” layoffs. Read More: Makita USA is Cutting Jobs Company-Wide.

Makita 18V Cordless Blower XSA01Z Kicking up Dust

Compact blowers exist, but this is one of the first available to the US market to have a drill-like pistol grip and stubby nose.

I’m not sure what is depicted in Makita USA’s product image – I hope the worker is wearing a dust mask!

I use mine for clearing small areas of sawdust and medium-sized dust and debris. For fine dust, I use a cordless vacuum, to avoid stirring up a cloud of lung-harming particulates.

Makita shows off the duster/blower inflating beach balls and air mattresses, but I haven’t tested mine for that kind of application yet.

Makita 18V Cordless Blower XSA01Z vs XGT GSA01Z

The 18V blower looks nearly identical to the XGT 40V Max model (GSA01Z), aside from the absence of an XGT badge at the base.

The specs look to have been copy-and-pasted as well, which isn’t much of a surprise, as this isn’t a very powerful tool that warrants 40V Max (36V nominal) voltage or the high capacity battery cells Makita made available to the XGT platform and not 18V LXT.

It delivers air speeds of up to 447 MPH and volume up to 39 CFM.

The XGT model claims runtime of up to 50 minutes with a 2.5Ah battery (18V 5Ah equivalent), and the new 18V model is said to deliver up to 55 minutes with a 6.0Ah battery (40V Max 3Ah equivalent).

That’s 10% longer runtime with a 20% higher capacity battery, suggesting the 18V model is not quite as energy efficient, but close enough. Specs for the 18V model with a 5Ah battery would have allowed for more of an apples-to-apples comparison.

The 18V model has a compact length at only 7″, while the XGT model has a compact length at only 7-1/8″. The difference is slight enough to be a conversion rounding error.

Makita promised that they would continue to launch 18V cordless power tools. Is this what they meant, slapping an 18V battery connection to their XGT tool after two years? If I were a Makita 18V cordless power tool user, I think I’d be cool with that.

Price: $190
ETA: mid-June 2023

The new blower comes with:

  • 3 Dust Blower Nozzles
    • Blower Nozzle, 3 mm (191X11-1)
    • Blower Nozzle, 7 mm (191X13-7)
    • Blower Nozzle, 13 mm (191X15-3)
  • Pinch Valve Nozzle (191X17-9)
  • Wide Angle Nozzle (191X19-5)

This should be enough for most users.

I did not buy the USA model of my XGT blower. I ordered my Makita 40V Max cordless blower from Amazon Japan, because they bundled it with more accessories for less money, even taking international shipping into equation.

I should caution you that buying tools from overseas could complicate warranty considerations.

Makita XGT Cordless Duster with Accessories

The international version of the Makita cordless duster that I purchased came with a flexible clear extension hose (191X21-8), and a large diameter deflation hose (191X23-4) that attaches to the duster/blower’s intake.

Additional deflation accessories – a rubber attachment (191X25-0) and large attachment (191X27-6) – are also available separately.

If you buy the USA version – which I would recommend for most people – you can the additional accessories separately as needed.

Makita XGT Cordless Duster Blowing Room Air Filter

Even more accessories are available, such as a long-reach extension (191X78-9).

I would absolutely buy my Makita XGT compact blower again.

If you want to add this to your kit, consider taking advantage of retailers’ promos. Acme, for example, has a Father’s Day discount ($20 off $99+, $40 off $199+) that applies to preorders for the new 18V blower.