Masterforce Boost 20V 4.0Ah XHC Battery Review

Masterforce has been getting serious about performance since the launch of its Boost line of cordless tools a few years ago. With the launch of the Masterforce Boost 4.0Ah XHC battery, user convenience is also coming into sharp focus. Should you grab a few? We spent some time using them to help you decide.


  • More compact physical design
  • Lighter than a 2P battery
  • Full 4.0Ah extended runtime capacity
  • Gives Boost tools a performance advantage


  • Heavier tools may have a balance shift with the lighter pack

Masterforce Boost 20V 4.0Ah XHC Battery Basics

Standard battery packs today use 18650 lithium-ion cells. Each one contributes 3.6V nominal (or 4.0V Max) arranged in sets of five to make an 18V/20V Max battery pack. One row of cells (5 total, 1P) makes a 2.5Ah battery and two rows (ten total cells, 2P) make a 5.0Ah battery. There are some differences in density, which is how you can have a 1P battery that’s 2.0Ah or a 2P battery that’s 4.0Ah.

But how do you get the capacity of 10 cells into just 5 the way the Masterforce Boost 4.0Ah XHC battery does?

By moving up to higher capacity 21700 cells. Taking the same route as premium professional brands, these lithium-ion cells have a slightly larger cylindrical footprint but a significantly higher overall capacity.

It’s all about volume. We go into greater detail in our article on 21700 vs 18650, but the basic idea is that the volume of the 21700 cell has 47% more volume. More volume means more space for cathode, anode, and electrolyte material, which equals high capacity.

Using a Masterforce Boost 20V 4.0Ah XHC Battery

Masterforce Boost 4.0Ah XHC Batter on the Ultra Compact Hammer Drill

The main advantages of going with this compact 4.0Ah battery are size and weight savings. Masterforce’s Boost 5.0Ah battery weighs 1.6 pounds and the 2.5Ah Boost pack is 1.1 pounds. The compact XHC battery is 1.3 pounds and has a footprint very close to the 2.5Ah design.

Masterforce Boost 20V 4.0Ah XHC Battery Vs Boost 20V 2.5Ah Battery

Looking at the other Boost battery options, you’re getting 60% higher capacity than the 2.5Ah battery and just 20% less than the 5.0Ah pack. That’s a trade-off we’re willing to make for the size and weight savings.

When you’re using it with smaller tools, such as Masterforce’s compact hammer drill or impact driver, you can feel the weight difference and it makes the tool that much easier to work with. Larger tools, such as an impact wrench feel a little more top-heavy in the balance department at first. Once you use the tool for even a few minutes, you get used to it, though.

Additional Highlights

  • Built-in overload protection
  • Operates in temperatures as low as -4°F
  • 4-LED battery level indicator

Masterforce Boost 20V 4.0Ah XHC Battery Price

You can add this battery to your Madterforce 20V collection for $99.99. Expect to see some kits and combos that include it as well. You can already find it kitted with the 20V Boost Compact Hammer Drill for $149.99.

The Bottom Line

With the same physical size as the Boost 2.5Ah battery and without much capacity loss from the Boost 5.0Ah battery, the Masterforce Boost 20V 4.0Ah XHC battery should be your primary pack for your compact FlexPower 20V tools. You get the Boost advantage, so it’s good to go across Masterforce’s full range of 20V FlexPower tools as well. There may be times when you want the longest runtime possible, and that’s when the 5.0Ah battery is a better bet. Most of the time, we want the lower weight and size on our tools, though.

Whether you grab a couple the next time you’re shopping at Menards or get them in new kits or combos, you’ll enjoy the smaller size and lower weight of the XHC battery compared to the 5.0Ah pack.

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