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HOT Milwaukee Drill Bit and Screwdriver Bit Set Deals!

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Over at Home Depot, they have some Milwaukee accessory deals that are going to be very hard to pass up.

First, they have the Milwaukee Shockwave 15pc impact-rated drill bit set for $9.97 and FREE SHIPPING. This looks to be an all-time low price for this set. I’d buy this without hesitation.

This deal – and others mentioned here – are set to end at 3am ET 5/29/23 unless supplies sell out sooner.

Milwaukee 15pc Shockwave Drill Bit Set with 25pc Impact Screwdriver Bit Set

Are you looking for some Shockwave impact-rated screwdriver bits too?

This bundle includes the Shockwave Red Helix 15pc drill bit set, plus a 25pc Shockwave screwdriver bit set for $19.97.

The 25pc bit set comes with a Packout-compatible case. You can buy this set separately for $15.97, making the under-$20 bundle deal price a great buy.

Home Depot is offering free shipping on the 40pc bundle set, as well as the 15pc drill bit and 25pc screwdriver bit sets.

Milwaukee 100pc Shockwave Impact Bit Set Deal

This Milwaukee Shockwave 100pc impact screwdriver set is a special buy bundle at $39.97 with free shipping.

It was priced slightly lower as part of a limited time deal last month ($35), but $40 is still a bargain for what you get – an assortment of mostly 2″ and longer power-style bits and accessories, plus Packout-compatible customizable bit cases.

Milwaukee 220pc Shockwave Screwdriver Bit Set Deal Bundle with Packout Organizer

This bundle deal features Milwaukee’s recurring 100pc plus Packout organizer special buy, which is usually either regularly priced at $100, or on sale for $50. Sometimes it’s higher or lower; at the time of this posting, this bundle is $59.97 by itself.

It also comes with a Milwaukee 120pc drilling and driving bit set bundle, which is a $29.88 special buy at the time of this posting.

The price for both together is $69.97. So that’s around $70 for a bundle typically promo-priced at $50, and another bundle currently promo-priced at $30.

Milwaukee 175pc Shockwave Screwdriver Bit Set Bundle Deal with Packout Organizer

If you want a different assortment, Home Depot also has the same 100pc Shockwave and Packout organizer promo bundled with a 75pc assortment.

As mentioned, the 100pc promo special buy is regularly on sale for $50 (but $60 at the time of this posting). The 75pc Shockwave assortment comes with an assortment of impact-rated bits, plus a carabiner bit holder attachment, and is a $19.88 special buy at this time.

So with this deal, the 100pc Packout and Shockwave bit set bundle (usually $50 or $100, promo-priced at $60 at the time of this posting), and the 75pc Shockwave bit set bundle ($20 at the time of this posting), is its own special-buy bundle at $63.97.

Buying the two sets separately would cost $80 at this time, or $70 if you take into account historical pricing for the 100pc set. $64 seems like a very good price for the combo. Home Depot is also offering free shipping on this promo.

I really like when Milwaukee and Home Depot promo math works out like this.

The 15pc drill bit set looks to be at an all-time low price, and while the 100pc Packout plus Shockwave bundle is priced higher than in past sales and promos, the combination bundle sets offer deeper discounts.

I think the 15pc + 25pc Shockwave bundle for $20 and free shipping is an especially good bundle. I believe that only one of the cases is of the new customizable Packout-compatible style, but it’s hard to beat the value of the Red Helix drill bit set.

Milwaukee Shockwave 43pc Impact Socket Set

There’s more! Home Depot has a lot more special buys on Milwaukee Shockwave impact-rated power tool accessory sets. For example, this 43pc SAE and metric 3/8″ impact socket set is a special buy for $109.97.

FYI – the same set was $10 lower for Black Friday last year. If you can use this now, keep in mind that Home Depot has an easy return policy. In my experience, they offer hassle-free price adjustments within 30 days.

Thank you to Clay for the heads-up!!