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This is the Smallest 4″ Dust Collector I Have Ever Seen

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This is the Rikon 12-gallon dust collector, model 63-110, and it’s the smallest I’ve ever seen that’s designed for use with a 4-inch hose size.

The Rikon portable dust collector features a 1.5HP motor that operates at 9.2A (1100W) and moves up to 142 CFM of air volume.

It has a power switch on top, carrying handle, and replaceable 0.5 micron filter cartridge.

Rikon’s product images don’t show the filter, but luckily Lee Valley comes through with detailed images.

Rikon 12 Gallon Dust Extractor Filter Bags

From Lee Valley’s images, it looks like the Rikon dust extractor has a small pleated filter and disposable pre-filters. The vacuum comes with one pleated filter cartridge and four disposable paper bags.

Lee Valley says that:

A disposable paper pre-filter bag acts as a sleeve around a pleated cartridge filter, allowing the bulk of the material to settle into the extractor’s main collection canister before reaching the cartridge filter, extending its useful life.

Rikon 12 Gallon Dust Extractor with Benchtop Planer

In another Lee Valley product image, we can get a sense for the dust collector’s size, with a benchtop planer in the background.

Obviously this isn’t going to perform as well as larger vacuums and dust collectors with more powerful blower motors and higher collection capacity. But, it looks like it could be more suitable for dust extraction tasks that wet/dry shop vacuums while still being portable.

The product specs list the noise level as less than 95 dB.

A caster base accessory is also available.

It ships with a 6.5″ long 4″ hose, 2 hose clamps, filter cartridge, 4 replacement paper filters, and a step-down hose adapter.

Price: $300