Slim Rechargeable Flashlights – Hot or Not?

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What’s your take on slim rechargeable flashlights that break from tradition?

Most pocketable or belt-carry flashlights are cylindrical, taking the shape of common batteries. But there’s a relatively new breed of slim flashlights that are built around modern rechargeable batteries.

Shown above is the Streamlight Wedge, a flashlight designed for EDC (everyday carry). The Streamlight Wedge delivers up to 300 lumens and is charged via USB-C port.

Streamlight Wedge LED Flashlight On Off Switch

The Wedge also has a rather unique on/off toggle switch, as opposed to traditional pushbutton or rotary switches found on most other flashlights.

Olight Arkfield LED Flashlight

Olight has one too, the Arkfield, which delivers 1000 lumens max brightness and also has a green laser pointer.

Personally, I’ve been a bit slow to appreciate the design, but I think the slim body style does present some benefits, at least for pocket or bag carry.

They’re not cheap, however. The Streamlight Wedge retails for around $85, and the Olight Arkfield around $90 when it’s not on sale.

Streamlight offers two colors – black and desert tan, and Olight offers the Arkfield in a range of colors and with 2 emitter color temperature options (neutral white, cool white).

There are others, but these are the two I’m immediately familiar with. Looking at Amazon, Nitecore has one, and there are others from brands I’m not familiar with.

You might find it interesting that this style of flashlight still would have been possible before modern pouch-style Li-ion batteries.

Sony Rectangular NiMH Battery

Some of Sony’s music players – such as their MiniDisc recorder/players – were extremely compact and fit these strange-shaped NiMH batteries, which were about the same size and shape as a couple of sticks of gum.

I don’t believe Sony makes these batteries anymore, and don’t know of any modern devices that use them, although replacement options are still available in online marketplaces.

This isn’t the type of battery powering these modern-styled flashlights, but the Sony “gumstick” battery was neat late-20th century tech.

So – slim-style rechargeable flashlights – are they hot or not? The price is a bit high – would you be more open-minded if they were more affordable?

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