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Hilti Nuron Compact Impact Driver SID 4-22

Hilti has a couple of impact drivers available on the Nuron line, but which one is right for the way you work? We’ll take you through what to expect from the Hilti Nuron Compact Impact Driver (SID 4-22) and show you how it compares to its big brother.

Hilti Nuron Compact Impact Driver Performance

A quick look at the numbers tells us that the SID 4-22’s brushless motor has a top speed of 3000 RPM with 4400 IPM and a max torque of 1646 in-lbs. Those numbers won’t challenge for the top position in our best impact driver recommendations, but we need to keep in mind what Hilti designed this model to accomplish.

The speed and power are appropriate for setting all kinds of smaller fasteners. Self-tapping screws, deck screws, Tapcons, and other small concrete fasteners are all on the menu. Think applications such as formwork, handrail installation, fixing conduit straps, and the like.

Hilti Nuron Compact Impact Driver Design Notes

SID 4-22

Carrying the “compact” label, we expect the SID 4-22 to be smaller and lighter than its stronger counterpart. At 5.3 inches long and weighing 1.9 pounds, it checks off both boxes.

One difference between the two models (aside from the performance level) is that this model has four LED lights surrounding the collet instead of the LED halo on the larger model. As far as we’re concerned, having the lights placed around the collet is a win for both models. Anytime you get the light off the foot of the tool, you get far fewer shadows to deal with.

On the inside, there are upgrades you can’t see. Hilti reengineered the gearing, sealed the electronic components, and improved the motor cooling to make it even more durable. Considering Hilti’s stellar reputation for building high-quality tools for commercial and industrial use, improving the durability even more is saying something.

Hilti Nuron Compact Impact Driver Price

The price is what completes the picture for us. You can get the Hilti SID 4-22 for $102 as a bare tool.

We recommend using either the B 22-55 or B22-85 battery to keep the weight and balance under control. The smaller pack runs $99.75 each and the larger battery is $136. If you need a charger, the basic model is $43.75 or you can go with an upgraded fast charger for $122.

If you’re on HIlit’s Fleet Program, each impact driver you add is $3.75 monthly.

Hilti warranties the tool for 20 years with 2 years of free service and a 1-day turnaround on repairs/service.

SID 4-22 Vs SID 6-22 Quick Comparision

Nuron SID 4-22 Nuron SID 6-22
Speeds 3000 RPM 1800/2700/3600 RPM
Impact Rate 4400 IPM 4250 IPM
Max Torque 1646 in-lbs 2655 in-lbs
Head Length 5.3 in 5.4 in
Bare Weight 1.9 lbs 2.2 lbs
Starting Price $102 $199

The Bottom Line

When we consider the whole picture, the Hilti Nuron Compact Impact Driver is a high-value supplement to the more expensive SID 6-22. Its more compact form and mid-range performance level are a good fit for installing smaller fasteners when accuracy is a higher priority than speed. For many tradesmen, the SID 4-22 is the only impact driver you need. For others who need to jump up to higher power and/or speed for high-production fastening, the SID 6-22 is your best bet. Of course, you can always grab one of each and have the right tool no matter what’s on your task list for the day.

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