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Next Wave Made a CNC Router Table

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Here’s something I have never seen before – a CNC router table with computerized controls and built in “apps.”

The Next Wave RS1000 Pro is described as a “2-axis CNC router table setup” for performing repeatable or complex operations.

After looking at some of Next Wave’s promotional materials, it’s clear that the RS1000 doesn’t just simplify traditional router table operations – it can do more, such as carving out slots for biscuit joinery.

Next Wave RS1000 Pro CNC Router Table Front

NOTE: Next Wave says that the router table top and stand are NOT included. This means you’ll need to source a router table separately.

The company says their RS1000 Pro CNC equipment should fit nearly any router table.

Next Wave RS1000 Pro CNC Router Table Rear

The router lift and fence are both motorized, allowing for repeatable control of the cutting height and work support positions. The lift has a standard plate size of 9-1/4″ X 11-3/4″.

Everything is controlled by the color LCD touchscreen pendant.

Next Wave says:

[The] RS1000 Pro comes preprogrammed with a number of apps that make it easier to complete a variety of useful functions. For example, there are apps for calibration, making decorative cuts like fluting, and cutting a wide variety of joints. After entering some basic parameters into each app, the system does all the math and moves the fence and router lift as needed to complete the task.

According to the user manual, here is some of what you can do with the built-in apps:

  • Biscuit slots
  • Box joints
  • Dado cuts
  • Repeating dado cuts
  • Half blind dovetail joints
  • Sliding dovetail joints
  • Through dovetail joints
  • Dovetail fit test
  • Fluting cuts
  • Key holes
  • Pocket holes
  • Step and plunge cuts
  • Step and repeat cuts
  • Tongue and groove joints
  • Locking miter joints
Next Wave RS1000 Pro CNC Router Table Included Parts

The kit comes with a CNC servo motor-driven router lift, motorized fence, control pendant, and touch plate (for bit height zeroing).

You will also need a 3-1/2″ diameter router motor, router table top and stand, and any router bits you wish to use.

Price: $1799
COO: Made in USA


The RS1000 adjusts the router table bit height and fence position, and the user manually moves the workpiece across.

This seems interesting, and could potentially simplify a lot of manual routing operations that cannot be as easily accomplished on a CNC router.

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