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New Oneida Benchtop Pro HEPA Dust Collector

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Oneida has launched another fan-based tabletop dust collector – the Benchtop Pro with HEPA-rated filter.

This is the third benchtop dust collector in Oneida’s lineup, joining the original Benchtop DC ($699) and Benchtop Mini ($339).

The Benchtop Pro has the same footprint as the Benchtop DC – it measures 25-3/4″ long x 16-1/2″ tall x 9-3/4″ deep. The non-pro model is just 1/4″ shorter in length. They both weigh 20 lbs.

Both the Pro and non-pro models have multiple low voltage fan motors and are rated at a typical current draw of 3A.

Oneida Air has not yet published airflow specifications for the Benchtop Pro dust collector.

Oneida Benchtop Pro HEPA Dust Collector Replacement Filters

The Benchtop Pro comes features a HEPA filter, MERV-15 filter, and polyester pre-filter. A full replacement set is priced at $150, and is only compatible with the Pro model.

Its housing is spot-welded, presumably to close air gaps in the sheet metal construction.

Oneida Air has not answered our questions about how else the Benchtop Pro with HEPA filter compares to the original Benchtop with MERV-15 filter, or what else users get for the nearly $600 price difference.

Like the Benchtop DC model, the Pro has an AC outlet for allowing “small hand tools and accessories to be powered through the collector.” Oneida does not specify the max amperage.

Price: $1,295