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Milwaukee Dead Blow Hammers are Worth a Look – Review

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Milwaukee sent over test samples of their new dead blow hammers, and I think they’re definitely worth a look. Their smaller size 28oz dead blow hammer has quickly become one of my favorite striking tools.

There are 6 hammers in the lineup – 2 sizes of dead blow hammers, 2 sizes of dead blow ball peen hammers, and 2 sizes of standard ball peen hammers.

  • Dead Blow Hammers
    • 28oz (48-22-9150)
    • 48oz (48-22-9151)
  • Dead Blow Ball Peen Hammers
    • 16oz (48-22-9140)
    • 32oz (48-22-9141)
  • Steel Ball Peen Hammers
    • 16oz (48-22-9130)
    • 24oz (48-22-9131)
Milwaukee Small Dead Blow Hammer in Hand

Compared to my other dead blow hammers and mallets, I like the Milwaukee hammer’s handle shape and grip material a bit better, and the flat spot on top of the head allows me to set them down with the handle positioned upwards for quick retrieval.

The new dead blow hammers also feature reinforced overstrike protection, a “precision balanced design,” and a lanyard loop in the handle.

They’re comfortable to use, and the face seems impact and abrasion resistant. Milwaukee also says these hammers have “the most durable handle.”

So far, I’ve not had any issues with it – or the other models I’ve been testing. As mentioned, I have taken a strong liking to the 28oz especially.

These hammers are part of Milwaukee’s automotive hand tools line, which could explain why they only launched 2 of the most popular sizes in each style so far.

I’d like to see more sizes in the future.

The dead blow hammers are not huge upgrades, but they swing and strike well, feel especially durable so far (or at least are resisting face wear), and are reasonably priced. Saying “they’re worth a look” seems to sum this up.

To be clear, the steel ball peen hammers do not have dead blow-style heads. I have not tested those yet, only the dead blow hammers.

Pricing and Availability

Here’s another chart of the 6 hammers, with pricing accurate as of the time of this posting.

  • Dead Blow Hammers
    • 28oz (48-22-9150) – $30
    • 48oz (48-22-9151) – $36
  • Dead Blow Ball Peen Hammers
    • 16oz (48-22-9140) – $51
    • 32oz (48-22-9141) – $70
  • Steel Ball Peen Hammers
    • 16oz (48-22-9130) – $30
    • 24oz (48-22-9131) – $35

You can find these hammers at Home Depot and other Milwaukee hand tool dealers.

All of these hammers are backed by Milwaukee’s lifetime guarantee.