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Cat 21-inch Self-Propelled Lawn Mower Review DG671

Keep Your Lawn Looking Great All Season Long With The CAT Self-Propelled Lawn Mower

For most of us, images of large excavators and bulldozers come to mind when we hear the name CAT. However, a few years back the company announced a new line of 18V power tools and 60V battery-powered OPE. Today, we’re looking at the first-generation CAT 60V Self-Propelled Lawn Mower to see how it stands up to our Central Florida mowing conditions.

Cat Self-Propelled Lawn Mower Performance

  • Cutting Width: 20 in.
  • Motor Type: Brushless
  • Runtime: 34 minutes, 25 seconds
  • Blade Speed: 2,800 RPM
  • Ideal Yard Size: Up to 1/2 acre

The CAT DG671 self-propelled lawn mower features their high-efficiency brushless motor and they’re claiming it produces 40% more power than the competition. CAT also utilizes their TorqLogic smart technology to adjust the motor’s torque based on the cutting conditions. When the motor senses the blade starting to slow down, the motor automatically increases the torque. Once things get a little easier, the blade torque settles back into its regular pace.

For a little more perspective, we only caused the TorqLogic system to ramp up a handful of times during our testing.

Cat Self-Propelled Lawn Mower

Our team put this mower to the test here at our shop and performed a standard maintenance cut. It ran for just under 35 minutes with the kitted 60V 5.0Ah battery. This mower has a dual-battery bay, however, only one slot is an active port while the other is storage for a spare.

CAT utilizes a single-blade design and the stock high-lift blade helps facilitate superior under-deck airflow compared to a standard blade. Even in thick Baihaiagrass, the DG671 left a smooth cut in its wake with very few stickups.

Cat Self-Propelled Lawn Mower Design Notes

Cat Self-Propelled Lawn Mower
  • Model: CAT DG671
  • Power Source: CAT 60V battery
  • Deck Width: 21 in.
  • Deck Material: Steel
  • Cutting Range: 1.5 – 4.25 in.
  • Height Adjustment: 7 position

The controls are pretty standard on this mower and include an individual presence bar for both the rear-wheel drive and blade. CAT included an LED battery life meter as well as headlight controls on the main control panel for added convenience.

The CAT DG671 offers you plenty of disposal options depending on your personal preference. Its 3-in-1 design includes mulching, bagging, and side discharge. One thing we really love about this mower is they have eliminated the need for a removable mulch plug. Simply slide the selector lever on top of the mower deck to switch between the mulch and bag functions.

Additional Features

  • LED Headlight
  • Compatible with all CAT 60V batteries

Cat Self-Propelled Lawn Mower Price

The CAT DG671 retails for $629.99 and comes with a 60V 5.0Ah battery, charger, collection bag, and a removable side discharge chute. If you need a little extra runtime, additional 5.0Ah batteries are available for $249.99 each. CAT offers a 5-year warranty on the mower as well as a 3-year warranty for the battery and charger.

The Bottom Line

The CAT Self-Propelled Lawn Mower performed really well during our testing and showed a lot of promise for the rest of their OPE lineup. It easily handled both mulching and bagging tasks but left something to be desired with the side discharge function. For medium to small yards, we believe the CAT DG671 is an excellent gas replacement that will leave your lawn looking Backyard BBQ ready just in time for Summer.