Briefly Review Your Favorite Tool?

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If you’ve got a favorite tool – how about a quick review in the comments section?

It doesn’t have to be your all-time favorite, if that’s too hard, but maybe a recent favorite.

For me, the Klein 11057 wire stripper – and the similar long-discontinued Craftsman Pro’s that are built similarly – is one of my favorites.

The Klein 11057 is their finer-gauge (20-30 AWG solid, 22-32 AWG stranded) wire stripper. It has spring-action “Klein Kurve” handles, a slightly arced cutting blade, and precise holes.

It’s the handle grip that I especially like, on top of the precise wire insulation-stripping action, of course. Something about the cushioning effect of the double-dipped handle grip makes these better than thin-dipped and thicker comfort-grip tool handles.

You can get your own for ~$21 at Amazon.

Now, it’s your turn – if you’re up to it. Tell us about one of your favorite tools – what it is, and why you like it.

Keep things short and sweet – maybe 1 to 5 sentences, or a single short paragraph.

Why? Some positivity could do everyone some good.

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