Lowe’s Brought Self-Checkout to Local Store

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My local Lowe’s store has updated their front end with new self-checkout stations, a move I wasn’t sure was ever going to happen.

A nearby Home Depot store did the same last year.

I have had frustrations with this particular Lowe’s checkout lines in the past, and how long the wait could be.

I typically prefer to checkout with a cashier, at the least out of habit. For a few years I usually shopped with my kids, and it was always difficult to spare both hands and my full attention to scan things myself.

Plus, self checkout lines are often slowed down by people who aren’t sure of what they’re doing, or don’t read or heed signs and instructions.

When a checkout station says “card-only,” no, you can’t pay with cash!

The registers in the photo above only accept payment cards, and in my opinion the “card only” signs aren’t noticeable enough to catch the attention of cash-paying customers.

Whereas my local Home Depot has a single line for multiple registers, Lowe’s went in a different direction, with a couple of banks of registers which will presumably each have their own lines.

My go-to Home Depot store usually has the same number of cashers as before, and they help people across a greater number of checkout stations.

This Lowe’s location had a single associate at the checkout station, although the store wasn’t busy. On a regular day, before this shift to self-checkout, the store might have only had one checkout stations open at the same time.

There is still a manned register at the far end of the store, at the Pro checkout area.

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