Kreg Installation Tools Photoshop Fail

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Kreg recently announced several new installation jigs and accessories, which we’ll be covering separately. When pulling together information for the post, I came across a rather egregious photo staging and editing fails.

Looking at the image above, how many things would you call out as being wrong?

To start off, is that a Phillips screwdriver bit driving a hex-head lag screw? This is what first raised an eyebrow for me.

I don’t think I have ever seen combination Phillips and hex head lag bolts before – have you?

It’s hard to tell, but it seems like maybe the photo editor overlaid a Phillips pan-head recess over the lag screw’s hex head.

Or maybe they are using some kind of dual-head structural screw I’ve never seen before. Even if so, where’s the pilot hole? A screw that large and long is not going to be easily driven into a wood stud without a pilot hole.

Not having a pilot hole in this type of application is bad practice. There are self-drilling screws, but this doesn’t look like one.

It looks like the screwdriver bit shown in the product image is double-ended, in which case what is the drill chuck holding onto?

Kreg Magnetic Stud Finder DIY Photoshop Fail Closeup

When using double-ended screwdriver bits in a drill, you need to insert the hex-shanked portion into the chuck. Inserting just the opposite bit tip is going to cause major problems.

HyperTough Double-Ended Screwdriver Bits

Here are examples of double-ended screwdriver bits, by Hyper Tough.

Kreg says their latest tools will make your work “easier, faster, and stress free.” Just don’t try to follow how they do things in their marketing photos!

I tried to bring this to the attention of my sole Kreg contact, but the email bounced back.

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