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Craftsman Battery-Powered Pressure Washer – First Look

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Craftsman has a new V20 2x20V Max cordless pressure washer, model CMCPW1500N2.

The new Craftsman cordless pressure washer is part of their Brushless RP line of tools and equipment, and is compatible with their other V20 cordless power tools and outdoor power tools and batteries.

The new cold water pressure can deliver up to 1500 PSI and 1.2 GPM.

Craftsman says that the pressure washer is self-priming and compatible with any fresh water source. They add that no garden hose is needed.

Craftsman Cordless Pressure Washer CMCPW1500N2 Battery Compartment

The battery compartment fits (2) V20 Li-ion batteries, which are both required for operation.

Craftsman Cordless Pressure Washer CMCPW1500N2

Features include Weatherguard Technology, which helps to protect the tool (but not batteries or charger) from dust and moisture, a boost button that brings the application pressure to 1500 PSI, and onboard storage for all of the accessories.

The pressure washer comes with a wand, 4 spray tips, a high pressure hose, and a suction hose.

Craftsman Cordless Pressure Washer CMCPW1500N2 Extending Handle

Wheels and an extending handle, as well as a compact size, help with portability.

Features & Specs

  • 40V Max operation with 2x 20V Max batteries
  • 1500 PSI max
  • 1.2 GPM max
  • 3 speeds
    • Low: 800 PSI
    • High: 1000 PSI
    • Boost: 1500 PSI
  • Self-priming
  • Onboard accessory storage
  • Wheels for easy moving
  • up to 60 minutes runtime on 2x 9Ah batteries

The maximum pressure and water flow are achieved when using the 15° nozzle on boost speed.

Craftsman says that the new pressure washer delivers up to 60 minutes of runtime with the 2x 9Ah batteries and turbo nozzle and low speed.

They add that the new cordless pressure washer delivers 4X runtime compared to their handheld cordless power cleaner, model CMCPW350.

Price: $449

At this time, the cordless pressure washer is only available as part of a kit (CMCPW1500N2), which comes with 2x CMCB209 9Ah batteries and 2 chargers.


Craftsman’s product images and description don’t really elaborate upon the “you don’t need a garden hose!” aspect.

It comes with two hoses, one that connects the cleaning wand to the pressure washer, and another that connects the pressure washer to a water source.

Craftsman Cordless Pressure Washer CMCPW1500N2 Hoses and Rear View

While the water source will usually be a garden hose or hose spigot, product images also show a ball float and what looks to be a removable filtered intake.

Craftsman says that “this unit has a self-priming feature allowing you to draw from any fresh water source” and that “no garden hose is needed.”

I suppose that this means a large bucket or a barrel can be used in remote locations or other situations where a garden hose might be inconvenient or inaccessible.

A reader brought up a great question about the usefulness of cordless pressure washers in general. We’ll talk about that soon.

For now, I’ll pipe in that products like this provide cordless convenience for users that want or need it. It gives you options. It’s not for everyone though; if you don’t need a cordless solution, there are plenty of electric/AC corded and gas engine pressure washers that might serve your needs better.

Cordless pressure washers can benefit users for whom AC and gas-powered models are not ideal. There’s also going to be some overlap between user groups, where a user can go in any direction.

So, what do you think about the new Craftsman cordless pressure washer?

In my opinion, it’s an interesting and positive step for the brand, and this looks like the perfect type of tool to leverage Craftsman’s V20 9Ah batteries.