Would You Buy Tools from Temu?

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Temu is a relatively new online marketplace, where they sell non-branded and generic “factory direct” products at incredibly low prices.

If you try to look at the website or their products on your phone, it repeatedly prompts you to install the app.

According to news reports, more than 50 million Americans have downloaded the Temu app since September 2022. Every couple of weeks, that number gets higher and higher.

On a desktop computer or laptop, the page uses just about every psychological retail marketing trick there is.

For the wire cutters shown in the screenshot, there are pop-up overlays anytime someone adds the item to their cart or a logged-in member is currently viewing it.

There’s a Bonus Coupons countdown. Click it and a spinner comes up that promises you more savings and discounts once you install the app on your phone.

There’s a Mother’s Day free shipping on all orders countdown. Sorry, two countdowns.

There’s a “Hurry!” message that tells you how many people have this in their carts, and it alternates with an “In Demand” message that tells you how many they sold in the past 24 hours.

“Temu is committed to environmental sustainability.”

Free returns within 90 days. They make a strong case of purchases being risk-free.

There’s a 20% off offer popping out from the right side of the browser.

Temu doesn’t have a lot of tools yet, but they do have some, and it’s likely they will continue to expand their selection.

Temu sells products that appear to violate US laws, such as realistic-looking toy guns that are shown without mandated orange tips. This gives me cause for concern. What about regulations regarding lead or other heavy metals in toys and kitchen items?

You know the no-name tools and accessories you can find on Amazon for cheap? Temu has them for half the price and free international shipping.

Temu Mini Phillips Screwdriver Page

Temu has a mini stubby Phillips screwdriver for 88 cents, including what appears to be free international shipping.

On Amazon, a generic company “Buspoll” has a Phillips and slotted 2pc set for $7 with Prime shipping. So that’s less than $2 on Temu for both screwdrivers, compared to $7 on Amazon, which is still a lot cheaper than you can find for similar from better-established brands.

Temu says the item will arrive by May 3rd. If it doesn’t, they’ll give you a $5 credit.

I cannot find anything on Temu’s website with a bad rating or review. For the products that don’t have any verified customer reviews, Temu shows positive 4+ star “shop reviews” for the store or seller.

Temu has been experiencing a surge in popularity lately, and has been in the news repeatedly. On one hand, I can see why. On the other hand, the direct-ship online retailer doesn’t seem that much different from existing companies like Dealextreme and Alibaba.

What’s better about Temu?

On their “About” page, Temu says they were founded in Boston in 2022. Temu is a subsidiary of PDD Holdings, which is based in China. According to news reports, most Temu products are made in China.

Temu is advertising affiliate programs where you can earn up to $100,000 per month, free product influencer programs, and are recruiting “campus ambassadors” so that college students can get their friends to join.

If you haven’t heard about Temu before now, you will soon, as the people in you life add to their growing number of app users and shoppers.

What’s your thoughts on Temu? What might you buy or avoid from a store like this?

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