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Leviton’s “Future of Wiring” Outlets and Switches have Wago-like Levers

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Home Depot has started advertising new Leviton Decora Edge electrical outlets and switches, which feature a Wago-like lever-locking mechanism for installing wires.

Leviton claims that, with Decora Edge, wiring electrical devices can be as simple as Push. Click. Done., and that this is “the future of wiring.”

There are no screw terminals, and no need to loop wires.

Leviton Decora Edge Outlets and Switches Hero

Leviton Decora Edge is said to be faster, easier, and safer.

At launch, it seems there are 3 types of devices – tamper-resistant 15A outlets, a rocker switch, and a 3-way rocker switch.

Leviton Decora Edge Outlets and Switches Color Coded Levers

The levers are color-coded – black for hot, white for neutral, green for ground, and red for the traveler terminal of 3-way switches.

Leviton Decora Edge Outlets and Switches Push and Click Wiring Steps

If you have ever used Wago Lever-Nuts, you’ll be familiar with the installation process.

Leviton Decora Edge Outlets and Switches Testing Point

There are testing points in the rear, for use with multimeter probes and circuit testers.

Leviton Decora Edge Switches and Outlets Internal Spring Connection

Here’s a peek at the internal connection point. The lever makes an audible click when properly seated.

Leviton Decora Edge Switch in Electrical Box over Drywall Hole

Leviton says that the size of the Decora Edge has a longer and wider strap, which aids installation in “oddly cut” drywall.

Leviton Decora Edge Switches Connected Together

Multiple devices self-align for simplified installation, thanks to an integrated tongue and groove system.

Leviton Decora Edge Outlets and Switches Features

Leviton says that their Decora Edge devices are designed to fit Midway wall plates, and also have breakaway tabs to fit standard wall plates.

The devices are also self-grounding.

A “standard strip gauge for all devices” adds to the convenience.

Leviton Decora Edge Outlets with Lever Locks

The outlets and switches are compatible with solid and stranded 14 and 12 AWG copper wire.

Here’s pricing as of the time of this posting:

  • TR Duplex Outlet – $3.48 each (E5325-0SW), $24.99 for 10-pack (E5325-0MW)
  • Single Pole Switch – $3.28 each (E5601-0SW), $24.99 for 10-pack (E5601-0MW)
  • 3-Way Switch – $4.98 each (E5603-0SW), $37.98 each (E5603-0MW)

At this time, it doesn’t look like there are any color options other than white.

Additional Info

In Home Depot’s listings, a “Leviton Product Expert” says that these are residential-grade products (as opposed to spec grade), and that the outlet has a tab that can be broken off to separate the top and bottom outlets for separate feed applications.

Is this a Problem-Solver or Gimmick?

Most of the electricians I’ve spoken with or heard from passionately dislike the Quickwire and “backstab” installation methods found on Leviton and other brands’ electrical devices.

Even when a switch or receptacle features push-in connection points, they usually – if not always – also have traditional screw terminals. This gives electricians and installers some choices on how to wire things up. These outlets and switches feature the lever locking installation method exclusively.

I would presume that these devices are reusable, or at least easily removed, which should eliminate the frustrations and hassles of working with devices previously installed using Quickwire or backstab-type methods.

With no exposed metal parts, wrapping an outlet or switch with electrical tape, which some electricians practice, is no longer necessary.

Here’s the big question – are these indeed going to be faster, easier, and safer?

Is it secure? The devices are UL-listed, and so I’m sure Leviton and UL made sure of this.

Can these switches and outlets be used as replacement devices? How easily will the lever terminals accept wires that have been bent back to straight after being looped under a screw?

If you can’t get a good connection with a previously bent wire, does that mean the installer has to cut and re-strip the wire or install a pigtail?

Leviton Safer and Jobsite Claims

Leviton says that the new outlets and switches are “DIY friendly,” and that they will also save pros time on the job.

According to Leviton, this is “the future of wiring.” What do you think?