Is SPAM A Worthy Jobsite Lunch Option?

It began with a simple statement from Clint… “SPAM is disgusting.” Josh and Noelle immediately came to the canned meat’s defense and it was on! We could have just left it there, but we decided to let our social media audience weigh in. If the SPAM-a-lots outnumbered the SPAM-nots, Clint and I would give it a shot.

As usual, the answer wasn’t that simple. There were plenty of opinions for and against SPAM and even some recipes that sounded kinda good. Our friend Beth from Budget Bytes even has a tasty SPAM stir fry recipe. However, we were talking about packing SPAM for a jobsite lunch, and that’s where things took a turn. The vast majority of pro-SPAMmers out there said that it’s delicious sliced and fried.

Considering there aren’t many opportunities to fry food on the jobsite, the result seems conclusive that SPAM isn’t a relevant lunch option. Of course, you can always eat it out of the can cold, but it seems that it’s almost universally avoided that way. Expect Ryan from Wired2Fish. Apparently, he’s willing to eat it while he’s out on the lake.

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