Is Your Lowe’s Store Changing their Hammers Selection?

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A reader brought up that select Vaughan hammers were on clearance at their local Lowe’s store.

Tools sometimes go on clearance on a store by store basis, and other times changes are regional or nationwide and reflect major changes.

I visited my local Lowe’s store, and while I saw some hammers on clearance, I didn’t see anything conclusive.

JC wrote in:

I went to my local Lowes today and they had several of the Vaughan tools on clearance. The carpenter’s hatchet was marked down to 19.9x and some of the 12 inch nail pullers were marked down to 5.97.

The 16 oz claw hammer was marked down and I think one of the specialty hammers was as well. I don’t know if this is just my store or if they are clearing out Vaughan products little by little? The 23 oz california framer and the 19 oz were not on clearance. I didn’t notice on the pry bars.

I just thought I would mention it, in case you might want to do some investigating and see if something is going on between Vaughan and Lowes.

Vaughan Hatchet Clearance at Lowes Spring 2023

The Vaughan hatchet is on clearance at my store.

Kobalt Hammers at Lowes Spring 2023

There are new Kobalt hammers, a new-looking 16oz hammer, and an unfamiliar-to-me Kobalt hatchet.

Maybe this Kobalt replaces the Vaughan? Or maybe Vaughan is changing their style, a different brand is being brought in, or something else is happening. I’m not too worried, there don’t look to be sweeping changes.

Mallets and Drilling Hammers at Lowes Spring 2023

The mallet, dead blow, drilling, and engineer hammers look to be undergoing some changes. But this is a small subset of the hammers and striking tools section.

Retailers change up their tool selections on occasion. A couple of clearance items are usually no cause for concern.

Home Depot recently dropped Estwing entirely, replacing their hammers and pry bars with Crescent tools. That too started with a couple of seemingly isolated clearance stickers.

The concern that Lowe’s might be doing the same with Vaughan is valid, but I’m not seeing signs of this.

To sum it up, I spotted some clearance stickers, but no major changes, and nothing to suggest this is the start of something bigger.

I’ll keep an eye on things at my local Lowe’s store. If you find yourself at Lowe’s and have a moment, are there any noticeable changes happening with your store’s hammers section?

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