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Radians BIG YELLOW Glasses Make All Power Tools Look Like DeWalt

Radians, the eyewear manufacturer, has announced its latest product: BIG YELLOW glasses that make all power tools look like DeWalt. If you’ve ever wished all your power tools had that great Yellow DeWalt color, Radians has the solution.

According to the press release, Radians BIG YELLOW glasses use a patented lens technology that changes nearly all power tools yellow, making them look like DeWalt tools*. Whether borrowing a friend’s Milwaukee drill or just needing to pick up a quick sander from Harbor Freight—now ALL your tools can look like your favorite DeWalt.

“We know that our customers take pride in their tools. We wanted to offer them a way to enhance that pride,” said a spokesperson for Radians. “With our new yellow glasses, your power tools may not perform any differently, but they’ll look great!”

Your tools while wearing standard safety glasses…
Radians Big Yellow Glasses
With Radians BIG YELLOW safety glasses…

The company claims that the glasses will also improve your accuracy and reduce eye strain, thanks to their superior lens technology. Whether you’re a professional contractor or a DIY enthusiast, Radians BIG YELLOW glasses are the perfect accessory for any job.

The announcement has sparked a mixed reaction from the public. Some seem enthusiastic about the prospect of having DeWalt-like tools, while others expressed reservations.

One Twitter user wrote, “Finally, now when I borrow tools from my neighbor I don’t have to bear the shame while using Teal, Red, Green, or other not-DeWalt tools!”. Another commented, “This is just a marketing ploy to sell cheap tools. I want the real deal or nothing at all.”

Despite the mixed reaction, Radians seems confident that its BIG YELLOW glasses will be a hit. The company has already started taking pre-orders and plans to release the glasses in a variety of styles.

*Radians BIG YELLOW may not work on Flex power tools or HART Tools due to their lack of pigment.

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