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Klein ModBox (Orange Packout) Tool Boxes are Coming to Lowe’s

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Klein Tools announced their new ModBox modular tool storage system on social media about last month, and we’re still waiting for the brand to release official details and pricing information.

As you might have heard, Lowe’s announced that they and Klein have formed a new partnership, which essentially breaks the tool brand’s more than decade-long exclusivity arrangement with Home Depot.

Perhaps it’s no surprise, but we found Klein ModBox products on Lowe’s website.

Klein ModBox Tool Bag at Lowes

The listing for a ModBox tool bag lacks detail, but suggests that Lowe’s and Klein Tools’ relationship will start in a big way.

Until we learn more, following are some more images that a Klein Tools online retailer posted via social media.

Readers and tool users have been describing the Klein storage system as “orange Packout,” referring to the resemblance between Klein MoxBox and Milwaukee Packout tool boxes. I must say – I definitely see some strong similarities.

Klein ModBox Large Tool Box

The Klein ModBox tool boxes will feature a 4-cleat stacking and connectivity system.

It looks like small, large, and rolling tool boxes will be included in the first wave of products, allowing for a typical 3pc starter combo setup.

What’s interesting is that the cleat recesses are ramped towards the center, suggesting some smaller accessories or add-ons might latch onto the lid in a left-to-right or right-to-left manner, as opposed to just front-to-back.

Klein ModBox Tool Boxes Stacked in Truck

The tool boxes have a front-located one-handed release lever.

Klein ModBox Tool Box Combo Combo Loaded

The way the tool boxes latch together, you can access the contents of lower boxes. Other tool box systems have a similar feature, such as Milwaukee Packout and Festool T-Loc Systainers.

Klein ModBox Tool Boxes in Pickup Truck

From the product photos, the extending handle can be removed from the rolling tool box, allowing for more compact transport.

Klein ModBox Tool Box with Wire Spool Holder Rod

Klein seems to have designed the ModBox system with electricians in mind, which makes sense given the brand’s focus on electrical tools and accessories.

Here, one of the larger tool boxes has a rod inserted for suspended wire spool storage and transport. This allows users to more easily pull wire with minimal setup.

Klein ModBox Tool Box with Accessories

Side-mounted accessories include magnetic and non-magnetic tool rails, a cup holder attachment, and an enclosed accessory case.

Klein ModBox Tool Bag Worn by Contractor

At least 2 tool bags will be available at launch – a backpack and the horizontal tool bag found on Lowe’s website.

All of this brings up a good question – how will Klein’s modular tool box system fit in alongside Lowe’s current offerings?

Lowe’s also sells Craftsman VersaStack, Craftsman TradeStack, Flex Stack Pack, and Kobalt Case Stack tool box systems.

I would say that Klein ModStack might be positioned alongside Flex Stack Pack as Lowe’s more premium pro tool storage systems.

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